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The Best Recruiting Software Features

Saving time and increasing productivity are just two of the reasons for agency recruiters, hiring managers and HR personnel to use software for recruiting. However, there is a third reason, and this one might be the most important of all.

The reason: the opportunity to enhance the candidate experience during the hiring and placement process. This is critically important because top candidates have the leverage in the employment marketplace. Simply put, it’s a candidate-driven market. Candidates are driving the ebb and flow of the hiring landscape, and since that’s the case, recruiting agencies and employers need to enhance their experience as much as possible.

The Benefits of Recruiting Tools

Employers need every edge they can get in this competitive marketplace for talent. If you don’t have an edge, then you don’t have the right candidates — and you aren’t filling positions. So what are the right recruiting tools and what do they get you?

Improved communication

Something that inevitably bogs down the recruitment process is communication — or perhaps more accurately, miscommunication. That’s because miscommunication leads to needless delays and poor communication can bog down the entire recruitment process.

Increased social reach

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your recruitment process and hire and place the best candidates on a consistent basis, then your organization must have a strong social presence. In fact, your presence should be both deep and wide, especially if you’re looking to hire candidates from across the country or around the world. A software with the best recruiting features can help you to increase your social reach and get in front of top talent.

More effective data collection

We live in the Information Age. Data is everywhere, flying all around us. The key is to collect the right data at the right time to make the right decisions. We’re well past the point where organizations can do this manually and stay competitive in a tight hiring market. Instead, they must rely on the recruiting CRM software that has the best recruiter tools and features. You don’t want all of the information; you just want the most relevant information and you want it easily accessible to everybody involved in the recruitment process.

Work flexibility and versatility

No longer do you have to be in the office to get work done. The best recruiting software allows you to access everything you need, no matter if you’re at home or on-the-go. With access via a smartphone or mobile device, employees can work more effectively from a remote location — affording them schedule flexibility and quite possibly, a healthier work-life balance.

Increased job satisfaction

Recruiter tools enhance the experience for candidates and recruiters. That’s because they’re able to do their job better, more quickly and with greater satisfaction.

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The Top Recruiting Tools to Help Manage Your Candidates

Effectively managing candidates is a crucial component of successfully recruiting and hiring top talent. That’s why your organization needs the best recruiting tools available for the purpose of effective candidate management. Below are the four top recruiting tools offered by Top Echelon Recruiting Software.

Calendar Integration

Easily keep track of your schedule with calendar integration. Top Echelon Recruiting Software integrates with both Google and Outlook calendars.

Integrating your Google account with Top Echelon Recruiting Software will automatically push scheduled activities from Top Echelon to your corresponding Google Calendar. From your Google Calendar, you can then determine how you wish to be notified of upcoming events.

Syncing an iCal compatible calendar with Top Echelon Recruiting Software will automatically push scheduled activities from Top Echelon to your corresponding external calendar of choice.


Customize your view to help streamline your process. This is one of Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s most popular features, since it allows users to mold the software to the way in which they run their recruiting desk. Our software gives you the ability to create unlimited custom fields for People, Company and Job Order records. Most of these custom field types are directly searchable, with the exception of text block fields.

Custom fields can be created in the following formats: text, date, drop-down, multi-select, numeric or text block.

Notification System

Use the notification system to keep track of your upcoming tasks. Notifications may include:

✓ Records have been added to the inbox of one of your Job Order Pipelines
✓ A Contact Import has been completed
✓ An Export or Backup you have requested is ready to download
✓ A Report you requested is complete and ready to review
✓ A requested merge of People or Company records is complete
✓ You requested to be notified of a scheduled activity

You have the ability to determine which actions will trigger bell notifications within the software itself and which will trigger email notifications via the Manage Notifications page in your account settings.

Data Management

Stay organized and efficiently manage your data and recruits. Top Echelon Recruiting Software helps you keep your data organized with custom tags and classifications. Tags essentially function as a custom coding system for People, Company and Job Order records.

Our recruiting software is configurable, giving you the ability to create your own list of custom Tags for your organization. So when you parse new resumes, we’ll automatically code the new record with the matching Tags. This way, you can more easily keep skills and other key information up to date for the candidates in your database.

Top Echelon Recruiting Software also inherently weeds out duplicate records to keep your database as clean as possible.

Top Echelon Recruiting Software tools improve your recruitment process. You’ll stay organized, won’t miss activities, and will know which stage every candidate is in. The best way to prove this? Get started today.

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Read Customer Reviews

Top Echelon Recruiting Software is rated 4.5/5 based on 182 reviews on

Average User Rating of 4.5/5

Based on 165 Reviews

Average User Rating of 4.5/5

Based on 165 Reviews

Average User Rating of 4.5/5

Based on 165 Reviews

Average User Rating of 4.5/5

Based on 165 Reviews

“I have used Big Biller since January 2015 and I loved the ease of set up and use from the beginning. They have constantly upgraded the system to make it more user friendly. Tech support is always available to help guide you through any issues you might have and are incredible kind.”

Kelly D.

Staffing & Recruiting

“This is the most complete, ideal recruiting software for my needs. It’s features are comprehensive enough I don’t have to do any customizing for my business.”

Michael M.

Founder, Managing Partner

“Easy to use and intuitive. You don’t have to make extra clicks to get to the relevant info, all you have to do is scroll.”

David S.

Executive Recruiter

“Big Biller is essential in managing our recruit leads, keeping an easily accessible database with seamless user to user viewing and management of recruits. The ability to create and archive recruit lists is really great when manual follow-ups aren’t created, and it helps keep our team organized.”

Autumn E.

Staffing & Recruiting

“The workflow is very simple. It allows a recruiter to focus on recruiting and not spend a lot of time on data management. The support you get from Big Biller is great, and I really like the chat feature with the technical folks.”

Jamie R.

Staffing & Recruiting

“I have used this product since the creation of my company. I was introduced to it by a friend in the recruiting business who liked it. It is an excellent system to use whether you are a single recruiter or have multiple users. Easy to navigate.”

Joe F.

Staffing & Recruiting