Careers Page

The Top Echelon Recruiting Software Careers Page is a webpage that can be linked to your company’s website and displays your public jobs in either a list or table format. Highly customizable, we encourage you to choose a preset color theme, or create your own theme by customizing various page elements to match your company’s brand. Below you’ll find instructions for settings up the Careers page, customize it, post jobs to it, and finally, a summary of additional options you can adjust for your company’s job listings.

To access and set up the Careers Page:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the Careers Page section and then select Manage Careers Page
  • Access the URL for your firm’s hosted Careers Page to the right of the Preview button at the top of this page

  • This URL can be used to create or replace an existing Careers page on your company website
  • If you would like to preview the page before inserting it into your website, use the Preview button to the left of the URL
  • An example of a Careers page:

To adjust the look of the Careers Page:

  • From the Manage Careers Page screen, select the Open Theme Editor button
  • Use the various options in the Theme Editor to adjust several factors, such as:
    • Job Format – List or Table options are available
    • Preset – Not sure what colors you’d like to use? You can use one of our Preset options for now.
    • Color Selectors – Use the color selection box or type in a hex code for many aspects of your Careers Page, including the Full Page, Content, Buttons, Chiclets, and Featured sections

To post a job to the Careers Page once it’s been set up:

  • Create and navigate to a Job as outlined in our Posting a Job to Your Website Article
  • In the Advertising section, select the Post to Careers Page option
  • Please note: if you used to previous Job Board feature and had any jobs posted to it, they should now automatically be posted to your Careers Page as well. No need to repost!

Other options available on Manage Careers Page:

  • Privacy Compliance Options – Learn more about this feature in our Privacy Compliance article
  • Logo Upload – Upload your company’s logo as you’d like it to be displayed on the Careers Page
  • Banner Upload – Upload an image to run across the top of your Careers Page
  • Set Homepage URL – Set the URL you would like the Careers Page Home button to redirect to (this will likely be your website address)
  • Header Area Text – Adjust the text that appears at the top of your Careers Page (great for general information about your company)
  • Footer Area Text – Adjust the text that appears at the bottom of your Careers Page (great for legal information, disclaimers, etc.)
  • Filters & Searching – Toggle Search filtering options that appear on your Careers Page
  • Share Careers Page – Access XML feeds containing the job data that’s been posted to your Careers Page