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3 Steps for Compelling Your Recruiters to Listen

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Owner Issues, Top Echelon Blog

Leaders are often frustrated that they have to repeat themselves. Are the recruiters and other staff members on their team not included to listen?

No, often, they are not.

Short attention spans have gotten shorter. We have just nine seconds to capture someone’s attention. And only 30 seconds to share our full message being tuned out. That can make adding contacts to your recruiter CRM difficult. Could your recruiter scripts be better?

Less is more when it comes to being masterful in conversations. Being a “soundbiter” will have more of your direct reports listening, wanting to understand, and retain the valuable things you have to say.

Becoming an effective soundbiter begins with three simple steps for compelling your recruiters to listen:

Step #1—Listen to how people communicate in person, on the telephone, and via television and radio.

Pay particular attention to those that capture your attention while keeping their comments brief. Notice how they convey their ideas through their selection of words and use of volume, tone, and inflection.

Step #2—Conduct a personal debrief after conversations you have with others.

Pick statements you made during the conversation and develop alternative ways you could have made your remarks in more of a provocative, soundbite fashion.

Step #3—Strive for progress, not perfection, by using select conversations as an opportunity to practice saying more with less words.

Personal conversations are often a safe and easy place to start.

The job of being a leader is challenging. Leaders make it harder than it needs to be when they talk too much.

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As president of the Wintrip Consulting Group (WCG), Scott Wintrip has helped thousands of companies across the globe increase revenue, improve profitability, expand market share, boost employee retention and decrease labor intensity.  He has consulted for, coached, and educated more than 40,000 professionals, creating more than $1.2 billion in positive economic impact for his clients.  Click here to visit Wintrip’s website and learn more about his consulting services for recruiters.

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