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7 Scripts That Recruiters Can Use to Cold Call Companies

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

The following examples are designed to stimulate your creative instincts when building marketing scripts to cold call companies.  They should be considered merely as points of reference and NOT absolutes.  The principles they represent are far more important than their actual wording.

recruitment pitch template

After greeting a decision maker at a company and introducing yourself, you might use one of the following seven scripts:

Script #1

“Based on the research that we’ve conduced, it appears as if your organizational profile is similar to that of several companies that have dramatically improved their performance capacity through the utilization of our services.  Whether or not we could replicate those results with your firm is unknown at this time.   However, if we exchange some basic information, we should be able to determine if it makes sense for us to take this discussion to a more in-depth level.  Should we take a few minutes now or would a scheduled telephone appointment be more convenient?”

Script #2

“I have never talked to you before and I only have a limited amount of information about your company.  However, my area of specialization is [specialization here], and I am aware of no other way of determining if I can be of service than by picking up the phone and calling you.  After a brief discussion, we should be able to determine whether or not you can benefit from the services we provide.  Would that be all right?”

Script #3

“My call to you is prompted by the position your company (division) holds in relation to your market (customers) and competition.  Where performance is concerned, little margin for error may exist.  If this is true, then my call may be particularly well timed.  Can we take a few minutes to have a candid discussion?”

Script #4

“My call to you could be well timed if building and maintaining a strong team of professionals (or appropriate job titles) is one of your critical priorities for the coming year.  Is this a good time for us to talk?”

Script #5

“Experience has demonstrated that firms similar to [name of prospect’s company] have benefited the most from our services when there is a careful alignment of resources along a predetermined timeline in order to support the accomplishment of their organizational objectives.  This allows us to focus our priorities and deliver results.  Would learning more about this approach to recruiting be of interest to you?”

Script #6

“[Name of prospect], if we could take a few minutes and share information, we should be able to determine whether or not the specialized services I provide could be of value to your firm.  Is this a good time for us to talk?”

Script #7

“My research leads me to believe that an opportunity may exist for us to do business together.  If this is true, then both of our firms stand to benefit.  That is the reason for my call.  Is this a good time for us to talk?”

More Scripts

Do you want more scripts for talking to your clients? Check out Top Echelon’s scripts for contract staffing recruiters!

recruiting scripts for cold calling clients

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Terry Petra is one of the recruiting industry’s leading trainers and business consultants.  A Certified Personnel Consultant since 1975 and a Certified International Personnel Consultant since 1989, Petra has extensive experience as a producer, manager, and trainer in all areas of professional search, including retainer, contingency, and contract, as well as clerical/office support and temporary.  For more information about his services, visit his website or call 651.738.8561.

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