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FREE Video: “Post-Interview Next Steps”

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

The best way to increase placements is to increase send-outs—getting candidates to interview with clients. You’ve got the pre-interview steps down, and you’ve mastered your recruiting software. But what about after the interview? What are the appropriate post-interview steps?

We have questions . . . but we also have answers! Those answers take the form of a FREE training webinar by Greg Doersching of Bullseye Recruiting. The title of that video is “Keep Up the Momentum! Post-Interview Next Steps.”

In today’s candidate-driven market, placements can fall off at any time. That includes after the interview. That’s why recruiters must be highly sensitive to what happens during this crucial phase of the placement process. Any misstep or mistake along the way can translate into a missed opportunity and lost revenue.

Below is the description of this free video from Top Echelon:

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You’ve heard countless lectures on how to find more candidates, how to get better referrals, and how to get those candidates in front of your clients so that they can interview faster. It’s time that we worked on the most important part of the process: how to handle people once the interviewing starts!

Join popular trainer Greg Doersching of Bullseye Recruiting for this FREE recruiter training webinar as he walks you through the last, most critical step of the recruiting cycle:

  • What to do after the interview starts
  • Handling final negotiations
  • Getting candidates ready for that final interview
  • Coaching candidates to accept the offer with grace and dignity AND handle their resignation

Join Greg and find out what “Post-Interview Next Steps” you should be taking on your recruiting desk!

Watch this FREE training video from Top Echelon!

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Remember, Top Echelon offers FREE training sessions as part of our Recruiter Coaching Series webinars. These webinars are offered on the second Tuesday of every month.

Check the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog for information regarding future sessions and also check out our library of past recruiting webinars.

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