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How Many Marketing Calls Do Recruiters Make Each Day?

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

You’ve heard it over and over again—recruiting is a sales profession. Of course it is. It’s a unique sales profession, since there are people on both sides of the sale.

A sales profession means marketing calls (cold calls). However, just like everybody else, not all recruiters like to make marketing calls. Actually, not every recruiter has to make marketing calls, and some make more than others depending upon a number of other factors.

So with all of that in mind, we decided to conduct a poll of recruiters to find out how many marketing calls they make on a daily basis. Specifically, we conducted a poll of the Top Echelon Network Membership. Below is the question that we posed to Network recruiters:

How many marketing calls for clients do you typically make in a day?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters who selected each one:

  • Less than 10—53.7%
  • Between 11 and 20—9.8%
  • Between 21 and 30—2.4%
  • Between 31 and 40—0.0%
  • Over 40—3.7%
  • I don’t make marketing calls—30.5%


Some aspects of these results aren’t all that surprising. First of all, the majority of recruiters polled (53.7%) make “less than 10” marketing calls each day. That seems about right, since recruiters are always trying to strike a balance between the clients they already have and they clients they’d like to have.

However, some recruiters make more marketing calls than that, although not nearly as many as in the first category. A healthy number of recruiters make “between 11 and 20” calls each day (9.8%), and just a handful make “between 21 and 30.” Not shocking is the fact that none of the recruiters who responded to the poll make between 31 and 40 calls each day, but 3.7% indicated that they make “over 40.”

As for those who “don’t make marketing calls”? Nearly a third of the recruiters who participated in the poll (30.5%).

Analysis and Conclusion:

When things are going well, recruiters are less inclined to make straight-up marketing calls. That’s because they’re busy making calls that are directly related to activity on their desk, activity that they hope will soon lead to a placement. So this must mean that things are going well for recruiters!

However, most of the recruiters in this poll are still finding time to make at least a few marketing calls, which is another good sign. That’s because you never know when a client will let you know that they’re no longer using external recruiters. (They do that sometimes, you know.)

But what about you? How many marketing calls do you make? Do you make marketing or cold calls for new clients? If so, how many do you typically make each day? If not, do you utilize other marketing methods for getting job orders and gaining new business?  If that’s the case, what methods are those?

Is that enough questions? Wait . . . that was another question, wasn’t it? Dang it!

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