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Which Presidential Candidate is Better for Recruiting?

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Owner Issues, Top Echelon Blog

The election is almost here! Which Presidential Candidate is the best one? For the purposes of this blog, though, the real question is this one: which Presidential Candidate is the best one for recruiting.

To help find the answer to this question, we enlisted the help of the Top Echelon Network membership. There are nearly 500 recruiting firms and over 1,000 recruiters in the Network. We recently polled the membership by posing the following question:

Which Presidential Candidate will help your recruiting business the most?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters who selected each one:

Which Presidential Candidate is Better for Recruiting?

Presidential Candidate . . . consensus?

Well, there was a consensus of a sort with this poll. That consensus was this: more recruiters believe that their business will grow regardless of which candidate is elected. Nearly half of the poll participants (46.8%) chose that as their answer.

What’s not surprising is that a segment of recruiters believe that either candidate will negatively affect their business (7.4%). After all, this Presidential Election race has been “one for the books,” and NOT in a good way.

The American public generally believes that it doesn’t have the greatest choice set before them. In short, people are not that enamored with either candidate, to a degree that may be unprecedented in United States history.

However, that brings us to the interesting part of these results. That would be the recruiters who chose one or the other of the candidates. And here is the interesting part:

Nearly twice as many recruiters indicated that Donald Trump will help their recruiting business grow.

“The Donald” garnered 29.8% of the vote, while Hillary only had 16%. Trump is definitely not leading Clinton by a nearly two-to-one ratio in the informal polls being conducted across the country.

So that could mean a couple of things:

  1. The recruiters in our elite recruiting network are more conservative (i.e., Republican) than the rest of the American public.
  2. Network recruiters approached this poll strictly in terms of their business. While they chose Trump in this poll, it does not necessarily mean that they’ll also choose Trump at THE polls. (A stretch, I know, but work with me here.)

Which Presidential Candidate do YOU believe will help your recruiting business the most? Is that the candidate you’ll be voting for next week?

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