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The Dynamic Duo in Recruiting: Prep and Debrief

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

When you read the title of this blog post about the “Dynamic Duo,” you may have thought of Batman v Superman. I’m referring to another dynamic duo—the prep and debrief. If you don’t know your stats and ratios, it’s impossible to know specifically the results you need to achieve daily. You need to know these results to consistently hit or surpass goals.

When you know and track your numbers, then you can manage your success. This helps to set minimum standards of performance, which also help you hold yourself accountable.

Most individuals in the staffing and recruiting business are kind, caring individuals who truly want to make a difference. You want to make a difference in the lives of your clients and candidates. You probably also want to take care of family and friends. It is critical to remember, though, that if you don’t manage your career by numbers, then your caring personality can actually limit your success.

Our profession has been, is, and always will be cyclical. Our business is impacted by the economy, the job market, and what transpires on Wall Street. We now have a “perfect storm” that will greatly benefit your business:

  • Economy improving
  • Job market improving
  • Market is candidate driven in most markets (other than oil and gas)
  • Job satisfaction at all-time lows
  • Over 40% of all workers not working a traditional 40-hour week
  • Baby Boomers continue to retire at the rate of one every six seconds

Prep and debrief: minimum standards

If there is no accountability, then it’s impossible to consistently accomplish minimum standards. Numbers not attained must be added to subsequent days, weeks, or months.

Goals are never erased. They are added to future months because you don’t to give up on your income goals. It’s important to tie your goals back to what you want to achieve for yourself, as well as for the people you love.

You are NOT going to hold yourself accountable because your owner wants you to increase your production. You will hold yourself accountable when you understand that hitting minimum standards will provide the lifestyle you deserve.

Big Billers KNOW their numbers . . .

When you review the habits of the most successful people in our business, there are three common denominators:

  1. Plan 100% of their outgoing calls daily
  2. Know their stats and ratios
  3. Extremely focused on results-oriented activity

There is no better time than today to begin to track your stats and ratios, including the prep and debrief. The statement “What you don’t measure doesn’t count” is extremely accurate in our profession.

Think of how empowering it would be to know exactly what results you need to achieve daily to eliminate slumps and inconsistent production forever!

— — —

It doesn’t make any difference how you track your stats and ratios, as long as you commit to the daily tracking of your activities. If you’re interested in an automated system that is simple to use and automatically tracks your individual ratios, then visit or call 219.663.9609 to obtain information on Barb’s Sales Performance Indicator metric product.

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