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Add Your Blog Link to Your LinkedIn Profile

by | Aug 13, 2010 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

If you’ve been reading my posts at all, you know that blogging is a great way to keep the search engines coming back to your site regularly because search engines love fresh content.  But, you should also know that blogging lends personal credibility too!

Providing you are posting good solid recruiting content on your blog, your industry or niche will view you as a trusted source of information.  But in order for people to read it, they have to know it exists!  Ergo, this post…

Add your blog Link to your profile with the following steps:

  1. Login to LinkedIn, put your mouse over the Profile menu item and click Edit Profile.
  2. Find and click the Websites link.
  3. Now you’ll be look at the Additional Information section of your profile.  Click the Edit link.
  4. Choose My Blog in the first available drop-down. (You can have up to 3 links)
  5. Enter your Blog’s web address in the open field.  (HINT:  I usually browse to it  and copy/paste it so I know it’s correct!)

Viola!  You now have your Blog listed on LinkedIn and any and all of your connections have direct access to it!

Remember, Top Echelon offers website services to recruiters who want to maximize their online presence and put the power of the Internet to work for them.  Read more about our social media and website services for recruiters, or give us a call at (330) 455-1433.

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