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A Fresh Perspective on Recruitment: Search Consultant Guarantees

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

In my previous blog post, I discussed the issue of what exactly it is that recruiters are guaranteeing about their placement with a client.

In this post, I’d like to present an alternative method for approaching guarantees—a “fresh perspective,” if you will.  That way, we’ll have a better idea of what recruiters should guarantee . . . and what they shouldn’t.

A fresh perspective on recruitment guarantees

This perspective is the “Predict, Prevent, or Cause Approach.”  It can be presented as follows.

“If, in the unlikely event an employee we place with your organization leaves or is terminated for cause before you have received an appropriate return on your investment in them, let’s agree to handle the situation in this manner.

“First of all, let’s ask ourselves (client and/or recruiter), was there anything we could have done to predict in advance this particular outcome?

“Next, if we (client and/or recruiter) could have predicted this outcome, is there anything we could have done to prevent it?

“Last, if we (client and/or recruiter) could not predict it or prevent it, was there anything we did or failed to do that caused this outcome, sins of omission or commission?

“With this as the basis of our guarantee, if at any time an employee we place is terminated for cause or leaves prematurely, we will review with you the specific circumstances.  If it is agreed between us that we (meaning the recruiter) should have been able to predict or prevent, or if there was something we did or failed to do to create, this outcome, then we will make it right.  We will replace the employee.

“This is a guarantee that focuses on our capability and willingness to complete a successful recruiting and selection process.  This is exactly where the focus should be placed, and therefore, our guarantee is stronger and more realistic than what is typically presented in written form as an industry standard.  In other words, it means we will own our problems.  If we make a mistake, we own the mistake, and we will make it right, regardless of timeline.  You have our word on that!”

If the client still insists on a written guarantee and you do not discover an underlying problem within their organization that would create undue turnover, certainly you can put a guarantee in writing.  However, the guarantee should only cover those areas that are controlled by you under your responsibilities during the recruitment and assessment process.

This is a “fresh perspective” on guarantees because it places the emphasis exactly where it belongs: on the thoroughness of your process and the quality of your work.

It transcends standard guarantee time periods while laying the groundwork for a proper and realistic review of the circumstances surrounding the turnover of the placed employee.

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