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Find Out How Many are Clicking on Your Links in Twitter!

by | Nov 4, 2010 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

One of the more frustrating aspects of social media and social networking for recruiters is that sometimes, you just don’t know how effective your efforts are.  You don’t know if you’re connecting with people, and if you are, how many people.

Well, I have good news for you: there is one way you can track how effective your social media efforts are in Twitter.  However, there are a couple of prerequisites for this:

  1. You have to include a link in your tweets.
  2. This link must be a shortened link, and it must be a shortened link.

There are a few URL shorteners out there, and is one of them.  It’s probably the most popular and well known of the shorteners that exist.  Here’s how you find out how many of the people following you on Twitter are clicking on the links in your tweets:

  • Use to shorten your link (browse to their website and follow the directions).
  • Paste the link in your tweet.
  • Tweet your information.
  • Later, after a length of time has passed, copy the link and paste it into a web browser.
  • Add a + sign after the link.
  • Click “Enter.”

Doing so will take you to a page on the website that displays statistics related to your link.  First and foremost, you can tell how many people have clicked on the link within your tweet, and you can tell when they clicked on it (the day and the time of day).  Other information provided includes whether or not the tweet has been involved in any conversations on Twitter, if any comments were made about it, and what the referring sites were.

Try this geek trick the next time you include a link in one of your tweets.  Find out how many of your followers are clicking on that link… and when they clicked on it.

I’d also love your feedback.  Let me know how this trick works for you and what you think about it.  Post a comment below with your thoughts.

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