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Tips to Hiring Young Talent

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Corporate HR

At 32% of the global population, Generation Z accounts for the largest generation worldwide according to Bloomberg. This young generation recently surpassed the millennial generation as the largest global generation size. However, the oldest of the generation still is only about 24-26 years old. Regardless, there are distinct traits that Gen Z has when it comes to attracting them as workers.

There are many different avenues that help to hire young talent. Some have to do with the ways to attract younger employees, and some have to do with keeping young talent to stay at your company. After all, we have experienced record numbers of quits throughout the recent “Great Resignation”.

Here are some of our tips for hiring on young talent:


Big Ways To Attract Young Talent

There are many different things that younger workers are looking for in potential employers, many of which have become determining factors in retention as well. Overall, this workforce has been identified to notice things within society that matter to them and stick to them.

According to Great Places to Work, some of the main factors for young workers include:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: With many conscious of the role that diversity plays in a thriving workplace, along with how society is impacted by different biases – this is a factor that has been deemed a top priority for hiring strategies and workplace cultures.
  • Fulfillment: For most, they are seeking something more than just a job. They want a chance to feel like their work is meaningful and doing something to contribute to society. Without it, they were reportedly more likely to up and leave in search of it.
  • COVID/Post-Covid: The generation that mostly comprised the low-wage jobs during the brunt of COVID restrictions and cases was Gen-Z. Seeing how their company reacted to COVID was a big eye opener for many to see just how trustworthy they should be of their employer. Along with potentially having to be in school in some form, this is a generation that has had to adapt to different work environments in many aspects.


Young Talent Retention Trends

There are many different ways that aren’t talked about nearly as much but have still stayed on the radar of many company’s hiring strategy. For many young workers, they are looking for more than a place to just work. 

One third of our lives is spent working, according to Gettysburg College. For many Gen-Z, there is a sense of purpose behind trying to find a meaningful career. While lounge chairs and free snacks are great perks – they don’t seem to be closing the deal for many. How can employers use this to their advantage?


Growth and Development

Growth and development programs are the way in which many companies have begun to care for their employees in this manner. Actions speak louder than words and promises. Being able to train and invest in an employee’s career speaks volumes and will provide a better sense of caring from the company than just a paycheck.

This can also include investing in someone’s actual education. One of the most vital things in someone’s career can be a great education. Companies have often used stipends or other payment methods to assist in their employees’ professional development.


Know Yourself, Inside and Out

Having a killer social media profile isn’t going to seal the deal for younger talent. One of the biggest deal breakers can be the mission and vision of the company. If your company has a strong sense of its direction and the way it is impacting society, then that could really speak volumes. Typically whenever someone is on the job hunt, they are going to the About Us pages seeking to learn more about your company. 


Solid Social Media Representation

For the generation that relies on social media for most of its entertainment, education and information –  social media is no joke. Companies have taken to social media in the past 5-10 years in order to start really accumulating a social media presence. The big platforms for brands, such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok have become the new golden standard. 

Being able to gather an audience, define your brand and create engaging content has become increasingly important for those to understand what your company is all about. Being able to post open positions from your Applicant Tracking System can also be a huge benefit for hiring managers or recruiters to be able to put those open branded positions out there.


Use Technology to your advantage

Flexibility in a workplace is another big trend that employers are realizing is very important as pandemic restrictions ease up. Many businesses have been able to adjust and adapt to remote work, utilizing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and more. With the adoption of remote workplaces in many industries, this has been attractive to younger talent due to its inherent flexibility.

Rather than try to force workers back into an office scenario, many are just as happy and productive working remotely. Not wanting to disrupt any solidified working patterns over the past two years or so, many workplaces have simply let remote work become part of their culture.

Highlight causes you support

Sometimes it’s not so much about what you do, but about why you do it. There are many companies that have opportunities to do volunteer work each year and this is a great way to show a cause you stand behind. Younger generations, like Gen-Z, are very vocal about social causes and typically committed to one cause or another.

Being able to show authentic care and regard for something other than your brand as a company can be really attractive for an audience that wants to find a great place to work.

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