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ATS Solutions for a Better Candidate and Applicant Management Process

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Recruitment Software

Regardless of the state of the current market (recessionary or recovering), obtaining recruiting tools in the form of ATS solutions for attracting and hiring top talent is always a priority. After all, do you really think an employer would turn down the chance to hire the person who is the best at what they do within the entire industry, even if there’s a recession?

No, they would not. The fact of the matter is that top talent is always in demand, which makes having the best recruiting tools and candidate management tools all the more important. With the right applicant tracking software, you can more effectively engage job seekers and candidates—especially the top candidates—during the recruiting process and give them a great experience.

The right recruitment agency software and candidate management tool is integral to both employer branding and effective recruiting and hiring. And Top Echelon’s recruiting CRM provides everything you need to accomplish both goals.

Top Echelon’s ATS software can help you automate and streamline

One of the biggest benefits of the Top Echelon’s recruitment CRM is its ability to help automate and streamline your recruitment process. Time is money, as they say. The more time you can save during the process, the more quickly you can find the best candidate for the position. And the more quickly you find that person, the more quickly you can hire them.

Enter our ATS solutions. Top Echelon Software is a candidate management and applicant tracking tool that represents one of the most powerful and affordable recruiting solutions on the market.

What is application tracking system (ATS) recruitment?

ATS recruitment is just what it sounds like – using an applicant tracking system to source, recruit, and hire candidates for open positions. A number of different people can use an ATS. They include agency recruiters or search consultants, internal or corporate recruiters, or HR personnel. Yes, they all use an applicant tracking system in a different way, but their goal with ATS recruitment is the same: to find and hire the best person for the job.

Why do companies use ATS software?

Organizations and recruiting agencies use ATS software for a number of reasons. First of all, as stated above, it streamlines the recruiting and hiring process. After all, organizations can receive hundreds of applicants for every job opening. An ATS allows the organization to electronically screen the resumes, narrowing the field of viable candidates.

Second, an applicant tracking system provides more and better communication between the members of the organization. This helps to prevent miscommunication, wasted time, and mistakes from being made. Third, an ATS represents a non-discriminatory way to initially screen job candidates for open positions, and organizations definitely want to be compliant in their hiring practices.

Use ATS solutions to manage applicants more efficiently

In order to easily manage applicants and candidates through every stage of the hiring process, ATS solutions must be mobile friendly. Just about everybody on planet Earth has a smartphone these days, and that’s especially the case for Millennials and members of Generation Z.

Top Echelon’s recruitment CRM tool has a fully functional mobile-friendly version of its recruitment agency software that allows agency recruiters and search consultants to perform important tasks on their cellphone or mobile device when they’re away from their desk or outside of the office. Whether you’re working from your office or on the go, below are seven steps to easily manage applicants through every step of the hiring process:

ATS solutions for creating candidate profiles

This is the first step in attracting top candidates. After all, you can’t hire (or place) the person you want to hire until you know who that person is and what they look like. With Top Echelon’s online recruitment CRM, you can create templates for custom job listings and applications. But there’s more that you can do!

You can also distribute job postings to multiple platforms and job boards. In fact, with our ATS automation tooling systems, you can post open positions on your organization’s website. And with Top Echelon’s job posting service, you can also post them to large job boards around the Internet for even more exposure.

ATS solutions for tracking applicants

Top Echelon’s CRM for recruitment agencies allows you to easily track and search for candidates. In fact, we have many candidate management tools and features designed to help you do so while streamlining the recruiting process to save time.

It all starts with resume parsing and resume management. With this feature, Top Echelon pulls out important data points from the resume and builds a record (contact information, work history, education, certifications, and customized tags). You can then track applicants through every stage of the recruiting process, employing the applicant tracking software’s robust candidate and keywords searching capabilities. For example, you can search specifically on experience, geographic location, education, and skills.

In addition, Top Echelon offers a candidate management tool in the form of mass emailing functionality that allow users to create email templates that not provide more targeted messaging, but also save time in the process. Top Echelon gives recruiters the opportunity to track candidates from the time of entry into the recruitment CRM software all the way to the end of the process, when the candidate accepts an offer of employment and is placed.

ATS solutions for reviewing and refining candidate options

When it comes to reviewing and refining candidate options, Top Echelon offers easy keywords and radius searching in the following dynamic ways:

  • A flexible result list, including filters, sorting, and the ability to choose the columns either displayed or hidden.
  • With the record preview in result lists, you can review the results quickly in one place.
  • Highlighted search terms also allow for quick review.
  • You have the ability to save searches.
  • The software’s Boolean Builder assists in building targeted keyword search strings.
  • You can take mass actions from a list, including mass emailing, adding to a Hotlist or Pipeline, and logging and scheduling activities.

ATS solutions for creating a successful interview process

The interview stage is instrumental to the success of the recruiting and hiring process. To effectively track candidates throughout the recruitment process, it’s also important to be able to schedule the activities that occur during that time.

Top Echelon’s ATS solutions help users move candidates through the interview stage, allowing them to add notes and comments to records. This benefits the entire recruiting and hiring team, since each member of the team can see what has happened to that point, including the trail of communication and who was involved.

As every recruiter and search consultant knows, the sooner that you can present qualified candidates to hiring managers, the more quickly you can schedule interviews and accelerate the placement process. Once again, speed is a critical component.

ATS solutions for hiring the right candidate

Speaking of speed, organizations don’t just want to hire the right candidate; they want to hire the right candidate in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s because the longer that an important, high-level position remains unfilled, the more productivity (and money) the organization is losing.

This where Top Echelon’s applicant tracking software shines. With its array of powerful, yet easy-to-use applicant tracking and management features, you can get candidates information into the system, you can search that information quickly, and you can incorporate that information into every stage of the recruiting process with ease and efficiency.

ATS solutions for detailed reporting and insights

You know the old saying: “Inspect what you expect.” Don’t expect results if you’re not inspecting your activity, your individual recruiters and your recruiting agency overall. The only way to make sure that something works is to make sure that it works!

With Top Echelon’s CRM software for recruiters, managers and users, with permission, can run reports in three areas:

  1. Recruiter Activity
  2. Job Order Pipelines
  3. Placement Tracking

Top Echelon’s placement reporting gives you the ability to review key metrics, including: time-to-fill, source reporting, and total fees. In addition, advanced search parameters can also be used to bring back lists of records with very specific criteria.

ATS solutions for automating the recruitment workflow

Top Echelon is all about not only automating your recruitment workflow, but refining it, as well, and the main way that the software does that is with its customization feature. This feature is most prominent with Top Echelon’s Job Order Pipelines. For example, you can:

  • Create customized stages to mirror your placement workflow.
  • Use the list for executing mass actions, including sending emails, submitting to a hiring manager, or building a call list in your planner.
  • Record and track important details for your filled jobs when you reach the placement stage.

Top Echelon is the best recruiting CRM. Why? Because with Top Echelon, you can work the way that you want to work, when and how you want to work! What other applicant tracking software gives you that much flexibility and customization?

Additional benefits of Top Echelon’s applicant tracking software

On top of everything we’ve already covered, Top Echelon’s ATS solutions are mobile-friendly. This means that it will conform to whatever device you are using to access your database of information. You might be using a personal computer, a smartphone, or a tablet device. You could even use all three on a consistent basis. It doesn’t matter. Top Echelon is just as flexible and powerful.

You can track candidates at the office or on the go. As we’ve already mentioned, speed is critical. The recruiter who presents the best candidates in the shortest amount of time . . . wins.

The best applicant tracking systems also offer a free trial, a demo of its system, or both. (Believe it or not, there are some applicant tracking software companies that don’t offer a free trial and that require you to submit information before they’ll even disclose their pricing structure.)

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