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Key Takeaways From Our 2016 Recruiting Industry Report

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Recently, Top Echelon published our first annual State of the Recruiting Industry report detailing our findings from a survey of our recruiter customers. It is comprehensive and contains a lot of great images, data, and analysis,  so we highly recommend downloading the full 20-page report.

However, if you only have a few minutes to spare, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve detailed 11 must-know key takeaways from the report (along with their accompanying graphs).

Key Takeaway #1: Firm Size

Survey respondents were largely small to mid-sized recruiting firms. Very few survey participants’ firms number more than nine recruiters.
Graph of number of firms in recruitment industry.

Key Takeaway #2: Top Industries

The market overall seems to be getting tighter and more competitive, but quality candidates can still be found and placed successfully within certain niches (such as IT, Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Manufacturing/Industrial, and Sales/Marketing).
Graph of top verticals in the recruiting industry 2016.

Key Takeaway #3: Most Challenging Industries

While recruiters generally benefit in a market where skilled candidates are difficult to find, it can be stressful in high-skill, high-education industries such as Engineering and IT. These industries may have job orders, but recruiters will have to work hard to source enough high-quality candidates to go around.
Graph of most challenging verticals for recruitment industry.

Key Takeaway #4: Sources of Stress

2015 was an optimal recruiting market, with job orders aplenty. However, high-quality candidates were more difficult to find, a consequence that comes with the territory of having an optimal market.
Graph of the most stressful verticals in the recruitment industry 2016.

Key Takeaway #5: Client Complaints

Recruiters faced three major challenges in 2015 when attempting to fill their clients’ open positions:

  • Difficulty sourcing qualified candidates
  • Not enough quality candidates at the presentation stage
  • Candidates declining offer of employment

Graph of biggest client complaints in the recruiting industry 2016.

Key Takeaway #6: Candidate Turn-downs

There was a significant disconnect in 2015 between candidate and client expectations, and recruiters were the ones who suffered from that disconnect.

Key Takeaway #7: Sourcing Candidates

Recruiters who are having a difficult time finding quality candidates to fill their job orders need to place more focus on working their existing network from past placements and applicants.

Graph of candidate sourcing methods in the 2016 recruiting industry.

Key Takeaway #8: Advertising Jobs

In addition to referrals, recruiters will need to embrace job postings on social media and their own websites in 2016 in order to provide clients with the volume of quality candidates they’re seeking.

Graph of advertising avenues for recruitment industry.
Want to know what recruiters listed under the popular “Other” category? Click to request the full report!

Key Takeaway #9: Client Marketing

Recruiters can “touch all the bases” when marketing to clients by using a three-pronged approach:

  • Traditional outbound calling
  • Marketing emails and integrated website and social media posting
  • Encouraging satisfied clients to refer new clients

Graph of primary client marketing methods for recruiter industry.

Key Takeaway #10: Top Business Priorities

Recruiters overwhelmingly want to find additional clientele, but they also want to source higher quality candidates, get more job orders from existing clients, and diversify their income streams in 2016.

Graph of highest business priorities for 2016 recruiter industry.

Key Takeaway #11: Road to Recession?

Diversifying income streams (i.e. through the use of split placements or contract staffing) is a prudent choice at any time, but it is especially important when a downturn may be on the horizon.

top echelon graph recession

Final Analysis

The majority of challenges (and subsequent stress) that recruiters are experiencing can be tied directly to the consequences of a thriving recruiting environment. In other words, those challenges have nothing to do with a lack of job orders, a lack of willingness on the part of employers to hire, or a lack of desire on the part of candidates to make a career move.

top echelon graph final analysis

Want the full details of what we uncovered? Need to know what other recruiters had to say? Download the 2016 State of the Recruiting Industry report today!

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