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3 MORE Tips for Reducing Recruiter Stress

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

In my previous blog post, I gave three tips for reducing recruiter stress.  Today, I’m back with three more tips!

TIP #4 — Simplify Your Life

Apply the “80/20 Rule” to your life.  You are only wearing 20% of your clothes, you are only using 20% of the items in your bathroom, garage, basement… and this list goes on and on.

There are many individuals who truly need what you have laying around gathering dust.  Disorganization, clutter, and too much stuff can weigh you down.  Figure out what you need and use and then donate everything else!  You will be amazed at how simplifying things can make you happier.

Within the next seven days, go to your office on a weekend and apply the “80/20 Rule” to what is in, on, and around your desk.  On Monday, your co-workers will think you resigned because your desk is so clean!  Set the example and become the most organized person on your sales team.  Just think for a moment about all the time you spend looking for things.

TIP #5 — Continue to Learn

You are either growing or dying.  If you are stressed, chances are you’ve stopped growing and learning.  Stress is caused by you doing things the same way when the economy, clients, and candidates have changed!

TIP #6 Provide Free Resources to the Candidates You Can’t Place

With the unemployment rate over 10%, we are all inundated with unsolicited resumes.  We are currently placing only 5% of our candidate flow.  It’s stressful that the people who need us the most we can do nothing for… until now!

If you’d like to truly help 100% of the candidate flow, go to, and you can start helping 100% of your candidates.

The time you currently waste on interviewing, providing FREE consulting, and taking all those follow-up calls will be eliminated so you can focus on the candidates you can place.

Often, stress is caused by finances.  Follow the tips I’ve provided, and you will increase your production and income—and lower your stress!

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(Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS, a guest writer for the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog, is one of the most trusted speakers, trainers, and experts in the staffing and recruiting profession.  If you’d like to contact Barb to schedule a free demo of her “Top Producer Tutor” web-based recruiter training course, call 219.663.9609 or send an email to support@staffingandrecruiting.comClick here for a video demonstration of “Top Producer Tutor.”)

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