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4 Main Types of Content for Your Recruiting Website

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Owner Issues, Top Echelon Blog

It’s very true that your recruitment website design is very important. However, so is the content that’s contained within that website.

When it comes to content, first you must identify your target audience. Then you must tailor your content to their particular needs. So who’s the target audience for your recruiting website?

Job seekers (potential candidates) and companies (potential clients). That means you should have a section on your site devoted to both groups. Ideally, you want the site to be “sticky.” That means visitors are compelled to “stick around” the site and return to it multiple times. This requires not only offering quality content, but offering and updating it on a consistent basis.

Job seekers are more likely to visit your recruiting website over and over, namely because they’re job seekers. They’re seeking new employment opportunities, and they’re interested in seeing what your site can offer in the way of those opportunities. In addition to posting open positions on the site, you can also provide great content . . . not just for job seekers, but for companies, as well.

Below are the four main types of content for your recruiting website:

1. Management and/or career-related articles

Visitors to your website (both job seekers and hiring managers) want to know how to do things better. This includes how manage their professionals interests and advance their career, as well as identifying and recruiting the best candidates available in the marketplace. So writing and posting management and/or career-related articles is advisable, but you must strive to go beyond the basics and provide information that they are unlikely to receive from other sources. This will help to position you as a “career coach” and a “hiring consultant.”

2. Industry-related articles

These are generally not as popular as the category of articles in #1, but they still offer value and visitors to your website still want to read about them. People always want to know about the latest trends within their industry and also in the employment marketplace at large. Once again, providing this type of information will help to position you as an expert and as a consultant.

3. Hot jobs

For job seekers, this is the “Holy Grail” of content, so to speak. They want to see hot jobs! They want to see what type of employment opportunities exist. This is often the top reason that a job seekers will return to a recruiting website over and over and over again. That’s why it is highly recommended that you have this functionality on your site. It’s also recommended that you send regular emails to the candidates letting them know about specific jobs that have been posted.

4. Polls and/or surveys

Here’s the great thing about polls and surveys: they’re interactive. They prompt the website visitor to take action, to engage with your site, and if you’re always posting new polls and/or surveys, that makes the site even more “sticky.” Once a poll has run its course, you can write a blog post offering your analysis of the results. After all, you’re an industry insider . . . and this is the perfect opportunity for you to prove that.

Regardless of whether you have one, two, three, or all four of these types of content on your site, there’s one overriding rule you should follow: update the content on a consistent basis!

That means adding content, changing the content, posting new jobs, swapping out polls, etc. Not only does that increase its “stickiness factor,” but it also helps your search engine optimization (SEO). Google rewards websites that are updated regularly.

And you want to keep Google happy, don’t you. Well . . . don’t you?!

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