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4 Questions Recruiters Should Ask About This Past Year

by | Jan 1, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

According to recruiting industry trainer Jon Bartos of the Global Performance Group, there are a few things that recruiters should be thinking about at the outset of 2016. Specifically, recruiters should ask four questions about the year they had in 2015.

4 questions recruiters should ask:

1. What worked in 2015 and what didn’t work?

2. Which marketing approaches worked and which didn’t?

3. Which recruiting approaches worked and which didn’t?

4. What technology worked and what didn’t?

These aren’t just rhetorical questions, either. These are questions that recruiters should answer, and they should also record their answers, too, in the interest of improving future performance.

Bartos also indicated that recruiters need to take a good, hard look at the job orders they’ve received from their clients in 2015.

“From a quality perspective, recruiters should ask themselves what percentage of the job orders they’ve actually filled,” said Bartos. “That will tell them the quality of their job orders.”

According to Bartos, it doesn’t matter HOW good your year was in 2015, there’s always room to get better . . . in all areas.

“If recruiters have a good understanding of the past year, they can continue to improve,” he said. “Even if it’s been a tremendous year, they can have 40% to 50% increases in revenue this year.

“Do more of what worked . . . and do less of what didn’t.”

Recruiters should ask the right questions at the start of a New Year. Their answers to these questions (and what they do about their answers) will determine what kind of year they have in 2016.

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Jon Bartos, a guest writer for the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog, is a premier writer, speaker, and consultant on all aspects of personal performance, human capital, and the analytics behind them. In 2010, Bartos founded Revenue Performance Management, LLC. The RPM Dashboard System is a business intelligence tool used worldwide for metrics management for individual and team performance improvement. In 2012, Bartos achieved national certification in Hypnotherapy, furthering his interest in learning the dynamics behind what motivates others to achieve higher levels of success. Click here to visit Bartos’s website.

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