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6 Reasons Why Recruiters Market Their Services

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Recruiters market their services for a variety of reasons, and it’s crucial for them to do so. This is especially the case when their desk is busy. It’s far too easy to become distracted by the number of searches you’re conducting and the placements you’re making.

While it’s not as much fun as making placements, recruiters must market their services on a continual basis. Below are the six main reasons why they do so:

#1. Recruiters market to develop better job orders and clients.

By recycling the companies in our niche, we can find better job orders and client companies. Not only that, but we can also secure higher-level job orders as our trust factor continues to grow over time.

#2. Recruiters market to keeps account executives excited.

When we are consistently marketing, we will upgrade and carve out a special place for ourselves within our niche. This will lead to more productivity and profitability, which of course, leads to more excitement.

#3. Recruiters market to be viewed as experts.

Everyone wants to work with an “expert.” Just have a medical problem and see where you ultimately go—not to your general practitioner, but to a specialist who is up-to-date on the current technology that they will use to treat your infirmity. It’s no different in recruiting. Client companies want a specialist, somebody who is uniquely qualified to source and recruit the talent they need.

#4. Recruiters market to get the job order before anybody else.

“The early bird gets the worm,” so be eager and start early. Remember: the best job orders are usually the unpublished job orders.

#5. Recruiters market to develop new business.

By picking up the phone and speaking into it, you never know what will come your way. New business comes to those who market, in many different forms. This alone is a great reason to market your recruiting services on a consistent basis.

#6. Recruiters market to help account executives avoid blanking months.

Business begets business. On a daily basis, strive to secure new job orders and new send-outs. Those activities, especially the send-outs, will lead to placements.

Recruiters market their services primarily for these reasons . . . and for others, as well. For which reasons do YOU market your recruiting services?

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Bob Marshall of TBMG International, founder of The Marshall Plan, has an extensive background in the recruiting industry as a recruiter, manager, vice president, president, consultant, and trainer. In 2016, Marshall is celebrating his 36th year in the recruiting business. He can be reached at or at 770.898.5550. Marshall’s website is

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