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8 Scripts That Recruiters Can Use to Cold Call Candidates

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

After introducing yourself during a recruiting cold call and ensuring that the recruit is in a position where they can speak freely, you need to answer this critical question: “Why are you calling me?” In order to lock down a candidate and add them to your recruiting software, you’ll need to navigate the first call.

The following scripts for stating the purpose for your call are designed to stimulate your creative instincts.  They should be considered merely as points of reference and NOT absolutes.  The principles they represent are far more important than the actual wording.

recruiting pitch examples

Below are eight scripts that recruiters can use to cold call candidates:

Script #1

“[Recruit’s name here], we have not talked together before and consequently, I only have a limited amount of information about you.  However, my area of specialization is [specialty here], and I am aware of no other way of determining if you could benefit from a discussion with me other than by picking up the phone and calling.  Does that seem reasonable?”

Script #2

“My area of specialization is [specialty here].  Repositioning professionals within this specialization is all that I do, and I do it very well.  It is my understanding that you may match the [function title here] profile that, from a career perspective, typically receives the most benefit from my services.  Are you open to investing a few minutes with me in order to determine whether or not this could be true for you?”

Script #3

“My call to you could be well timed if you have an interest in benchmarking your present position against the standards for [specialty area here].  Would this be of value to you?”

Script #4

“In the process of conducting my search, your name has surfaced as a [functional title] who may have some of the qualifications my client is seeking.  Are you open to discussing the possibility of comparing your present position with an opportunity outside your organization?”

Script #5

“[Recruit’s name here], if we could take a few minutes and share some information, we should be able to jointly determine whether or not I am properly positioned to help facilitate the realization of your career objectives.  Should we proceed?”

Script #6

“My recruiting work in the [your specialization here] positions me to serve as a sounding board and career resource for [functional title here].  A brief discussion should allow us to determine whether I can provide that same value to you.  Can you see a benefit in this?”

Script #7

“As a recruiter who focuses on [specialty here], I may be in a position to provide benefit to you in a couple of ways.  First, I can provide career benchmarking and industry-specific reference points.  Second, with proper timing, I may be in a position to introduce you to specific opportunities that could allow for a more rapid career progression.  Would this be of value to you?”

Script #8

“Since the focus of my business is bringing [functional titles here] together with opportunities that provide the proper combination of professional environment, job content, and growth potential, it seemed logical for me to initiate this contact.  From the perspective of your career, how is the timing of my call?”

More Scripts!

Do you also want scripts for talking to your clients? Check out Top Echelon’s scripts for contract staffing recruiters!

recruiting scripts for cold calling clients

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Terry Petra is one of the recruiting industry’s leading trainers and business consultants.  A Certified Personnel Consultant since 1975 and a Certified International Personnel Consultant since 1989, Petra has extensive experience as a producer, manager, and trainer in all areas of professional search, including retainer, contingency, and contract, as well as clerical/office support and temporary.  For more information about his services, visit his website or call 651.738.8561.

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