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Americans Spend 58 Minutes Per Day on their Smartphone

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

There’s no doubt that people are spending more and more time on their smartphones.  And now, a new study from Experian Marketing Services maps out just how much time.

According to the study, released at the end of last month, American adults spend an average of 58 minutes per day on their smartphone device.

Believe it or not, they spend most of that time talking at 26%.  Texting is second at 20%, with social networking third (16%) and visiting websites fourth (14%).  Rounding out the results were email (9%), games (8%) and other (9%).

There were small differences between iPhone and Android users.  On average, people with iPhones spend a hour and 15 minutes per day on their phone, while Android users clock in at an average of 49 minutes.

In addition, 16% of Android users’ time is spent visiting websites, while 12% of iPhone users’ time is devoted to the same task.

Think about that for a minute.  Multiply every person with a smartphone times the 14 minutes per day they spend visiting websites on their smartphone.  How many minutes per day is that overall?

This underscores how important it is to have a website with a “responsive design,” one that allows visitors to view websites in an optimum fashion on their smartphone and/or tablet device.

Does YOUR recruiting website have “responsive design” technology?  If not (or if you’re not sure), contact us today to find out more.

Because with each passing day, both iPhone and Android users are spending even more time visiting websites with their smartphone.

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