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Free Recruiting Webinars and Training Videos for Search Consultants

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

One of the best ways to make more placements and bill more every year as an agency recruiter or search consultant is by becoming better at what you do. Continuous training and education are part of that, and taking advantage of recruiting webinars is most definitely a part of continuous training.

Especially if those recruiting webinars are FREE!

That’s absolutely the case when it comes to Top Echelon’s recruiting webinars. That’s because Top Echelon Software offers FREE training sessions as part of our Expert Recruiter Coaching Series of webinars.

Recruiting webinars by top trainers!

Top Echelon’s coaching series of webinars addresses the fundamentals of the recruiting and staffing profession, as well as the latest tips, trends, and strategies in the industry. These topics deal with candidates, clients, and sometimes both, depending upon the speaker and their areas of specialization and expertise. As always, our goal with these webinars (and corresponding videos) is to help agency recruiters and search consultants make more placements.

These webinars are conducted by some of the most popular trainers in the recruiting and staffing industry on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of every month. If you register for a live webinar and can not attend, we record the sessions so that you can access it at a later date. These recorded versions are then posted on our website as free training courses for headhunting in the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Library.

Below are just some of the trainers who have conducted webinars for Top Echelon:

  • Bob Marshall
  • Greg Doersching
  • Jon Bartos
  • Doug Beabout
  • Shally Steckerl
  • Barb Bruno
  • Scott Love
  • Jordan Rayboy

As stated above, when these recruiting webinars are over, Top Echelon offers the recorded version of the webinars in video format as part of its Recruiter Training Library.

Click HERE to access our Recruiter Training Library!

We also invite you to become a Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog subscriber. This is yet another way to stay apprised of our Expert Recruiter Coaching Series of webinars. When you subscribe, we’ll email you once per week with the latest posts. Included in those posts will be announcements regarding upcoming webinars.

To subscribe, visit the training blog and scroll to the bottom of the page. A pop-up box containing the words “Get more recruiting articles from Top Echelon” will appear. Simply submit your email address and click the “Submit” button. You’re done!

If you have any questions about our webinars, our blog, or any of our products and services, we invite you to contact us. In the meantime, enjoy our free recruiting webinars . . . and our free recruiter training videos!

In addition to training and webinars, Top Echelon offers other recruitment solutions. These solutions include the following:

Find out more about the recruiting tools that Top Echelon offers to agency recruiters and search consultants!

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