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FREE Video for Recruiters: “4 Ways to Leverage Social Media”

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Social media . . . such a riddle. Are there placements in there? If so, how many? How much of your time is it worth?

These are all great questions. The good news is that we have a free recruiter training video that helps to answer them.

Trainer and speaker Ashley Ryall of UntapSocial is the presenter of the video, which is titled “Social Selling: 4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Increase Sales.”

Although the live webinar is over, the recorded version of the session is now available for viewing. Below is the official description of “Social Selling: 4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Increase Sales”:

— — —

Ninety percent of decision makers don’t answer a cold call, so you as a recruiter have to constantly be creative with your approach. Join Ashley Ryall of UntapSocial for our next Recruiter Coaching Series video, as she guides you through the four pillars of social selling.

Leverage your professional networks and social media to gain prospective and existing customer insight. Generate a warmer conversation and ultimately make more high-quality placements . . . while positioning yourself online as a resource and an industry thought leader.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • Why and how social selling works (with case studies from IBM, LinkedIn, and GuardianLife)
  • How to gain candidate and client company insight so you can better speak to their challenges and offer your service as a solution
  • How to tweak your outreach process to improve your open and response rates on LinkedIn with sample message templates
  • How to improve your SSI score on LinkedIn

Social media can be an integral part of any recruiter’s sourcing strategy . . . IF it’s used correctly. Don’t waste time with a bad social media recruiting strategy. Make more placements with it!

Watch “Social Selling: 4 Ways to Leverage Social Media”

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