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Greg Doersching to Headline Top Echelon’s Las Vegas Convention

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

We recently announced that Top Echelon will be holding its spring recruiter convention this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 2016 National Convention is a two-day event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, and Wednesday, April 20. In addition, the location will be the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

As we also announced, in the past, the convention was available only to members of Top Echelon’s split placement network. However, that will NOT be the case this year. The event has two tracks, and they are as follows:

  • One tract for Top Echelon Network members
  • One tract for Big Biller software users

Sessions at the 2016 National Convention

Popular industry trainer Greg Doersching of Bullseye Mentor will be the keynote speaker for the convention. He will present three sessions at the event, and the titles of those sessions, as well as the description, are listed below:

“The Future of Recruiting”

Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where are we going tomorrow with technology, candidates, clients, and running our business with the right information in hand? Industry trainer Greg Doersching will help you gauge your sights on being a successful agency for recruiting in tomorrow’s world.

“Creating the Patterns of Prosperity, Part 1”

In this two-part series, Greg will walk attendees through the eight patterns that lead to enhanced production, more placements, and greater profits. Greg will go in-depth into the critical areas that all recruiters need to master and implement on their desks. He will show insider tips and strategies designed to deliver extreme customer service, advanced candidate control, and noticeably more consistent results.

“Creating the Patterns of Prosperity, Part 2”

In the second part of this two-part series, Greg will address the final four patterns that lead to enhanced production, more placements, and greater profits. Greg will emphasize the importance of expectations, including minimum expectation goals, follow-up expectations, planning expectations, and story-telling expectations, among others. Attendees can finish the convention on a high note, as Greg arms them with what they need to return to their desk with energy and enthusiasm.

In addition to these sessions by Doersching, Network members and Big Biller users will have the opportunity to learn more about Top Echelon’s software solutions and tools. Top Echelon’s overriding goal with its events is to help recruiters make more placements, and that goal applies to all of its customers—from Network members to Big Biller users to those who take advantage of Top Echelon’s website design services.

Click here to find out more about Top Echelon’s networking events for recruiters.

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