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How to Keep Prospects Engaged Even When You Don’t Have the Right Role, Right Now

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Timing does not always align for a candidate — just because they have incredible skills, valuable experience, and killer references doesn’t mean you have the position to match. But, that is not a reason to let go of a good person. If you can keep them in your database of candidates, you’ll be ready to connect them with the perfect opening when it becomes available.

Luckily, the internet today makes that easier. It’s the top resource for today’s job hunters — 45% of Americans are applying for jobs online right now, and 34% of them say it was the most important resource in their job hunt process. It can also be the top resource for keeping your prospects engaged. Here are five ways to do it.

1. Go Social

Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, 79% of job seekers are using social media in their searches. Have a separate page or account for your agency’s social media recruiting to ensure that when prospects are scrolling through their feed, your name continues to pop up and remain in their minds.

Don’t expect the follows to happen naturally. At the conclusion of your conversation with prospects, ask them to follow your accounts with the incentive of being the first to know of job openings. What makes a truly great social media account is going beyond sharing your own content. You should also post relevant, curated content from around the web — about job seeking, interviewing, and so on — and interact with your followers. Answer questions, like good ideas, and follow back those who are active to show that the relationship between recruiter and prospect is truly mutual.

2. Get Emailing

Marketing emails are notorious for a reason: they work. You can use the same tactics to keep your prospects engaged. What sets a good email apart from a poor one is the content. You should ensure that what you’re emailing provides value — an interesting blog post, some resume tips, or even just a holiday greeting, for example.

The average attention span is now eight seconds, meaning a good subject line is key. Use the prospect’s name whenever possible, and cater the subject line to the job or fields they are interested in. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26 times more likely to be opened than those without. You can put marketing automation software to work to make these follow-ups easy and automatic and to get great data on engagement.

3. Get Smart

Staying in touch with your audience means staying active on the platform they are using the most: their smartphones. Most of us feel as though we are missing a limb when we leave the house without them and half of all online job seekers are using their phones to fill out job applications.

Ensuring that all content — such as the emails discussed above, blog posts, and even your overall website — is mobile-friendly will keep prospects plugged in. Better yet, by creating a mobile app, you can offer consistent notifications of new job openings. Send notifications to a prospect when they have a new message or when a new job opening comes up that matches their skills and interests.

4. Get Training

As recruiters, you know precisely what companies are looking for, and therefore have a wealth of information to offer. Attach a face and value to your company by offering training events on interview tips, professional attire, or even cover letters. These can be done in person, such as with visits to local colleges or career fairs. Trainings can also be virtual and created through a learning management system (LMS). Sharing such knowledge with your prospects will help them see you not just as a connector, but as a resource.

5. Get Interactive

Whether sending emails or sharing content on social media, ensure the content is engaging by making sure it is interactive. This means not just putting out information that is relevant to prospects, but that also asks them to take action in some small way. Offer incentives to share a post on Twitter by letting your followers know that one person will receive a free one-on-one training session. Share information in an email through a visually enticing video. Show you are still invested in their interests by asking them questions through a short survey.

The eventual goal for you, your clients, and your prospects is the same: success in the job search process. Every candidate wants the perfect job, which means they want to hear from you. Think like a marketer, be a resource, and meet candidates where they are (online).

Neha Tandon is a TechnologyAdvice contributor and graduate student at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with a background in social media and public relations. When not in front of her computer, Neha is watching old black and white movies, meditating, or testing out new cookbooks. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

These views are made solely by the author. 

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