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Learn How to Make a Recruiting Video to Attract More Candidates and Clients

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Marketing, Top Echelon Blog

In our online world, there is an ever-growing demand for video content. It might be wise for you to learn how to make a recruiting video.

You can include videos in your recruiter marketing plan. And, you can provide videos as a recruitment service to attract candidates for your clients. Even if you don’t have a lot of staff, equipment, money, or time, you can make successful videos.

Why should you make a recruiting video?

You can make videos to promote your recruiting business. You can incorporate videos into your recruiting website to convince potential clients and candidates to work with you.

Videos give you a chance to show off yourself and your business. A video lets you show who you really are and adds a personal touch to your recruiting firm.

Your video is an opportunity to sell your services to potential candidates and clients. You can narrow your message into a few minutes of easy-to-consume content. By watching your video, viewers learn about your business in minutes instead of reading your site for a long time.

If you have quality video production skills, you can make videos for your clients. You can use the videos to promote certain job openings. You might make one video per client, or you might make a video for each open position you’re filling.

You can publish the videos for job openings on your website job board. You can also use them for social media recruiting.

How to make a recruiting video: what to include

What goes in the video depends on why you are making the video. A video to promote your recruiting firm will look different than a video to promote an open position for a client’s job order. But, they will have some things in common. Here are some general tips.

Think about who you’re making the video for:

  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • Are you making the video for potential clients?
  • Are you making it for job seekers?
  • Do you need to make multiple videos to cover different audiences?

After you determine your audience, think about the content you want to share in the video. Organize your main point and cut any tangents.

For both marketing videos and job opening videos, you can incorporate testimonials.These give proof that your business has value or that your client provides a great place to work.

The video doesn’t only have to show a talking head. You can show supplemental footage, known as B-roll, to explain what you are talking about. You might demonstrate a service or show your client’s office space.

Recruiting video tips: equipment and production

You don’t need to hire a big-name video production crew to produce a good recruiting video. It is possible to learn how to make a recruitment video on your own or with help from a friend or co-worker.

A high-end camera isn’t necessary. You can use any camera you have, including a digital camera or cell phone. Make sure you record a landscape video, not a vertical video.

If possible, use a tripod or find a way to prop up the camera. A shaky video will look low-quality. Also, you shouldn’t take a selfie-style video.

Your video must be easy to hear. Viewers shouldn’t strain to understand what people are saying. Avoid loud noises in the background, like people talking or an air conditioner running. Also, avoid wind, animal, and car noises if you record outside. You should film in a quiet place where the camera microphone can easily pick up the speaker’s voice. If needed, you can use another device to record sound and match up the video and audio later.

All speakers should be prepared and know what to say in the video. But, don’t be too scripted. If speakers read off cue cards or recite a script, they may appear stiff and unnatural. Their personalities should still show through.

Edit the video before you publish it. You can cut sections, insert B-roll, add captions, and more. Numerous free and low-cost video editing tools exist; just find one that works for you.

The ideal video length is disputed. Make the video long enough to say everything you need to say, but keep it short to maintain viewers’ attentions. As your video gets longer, fewer people will finish watching it.

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