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[Infographic] Placements and Production in a Split Placement Network

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Top Echelon Blog

How successful are recruiters who participate in a split placement network? Are they struggling recruiters hoping that membership will allow them survive the profession? Hardly.

In fact, Top Echelon conducted two polls of the recruiters in its split placement network. Those polls addressed the following main areas:

  • The number of perm placements those recruiters made last year
  • The cash-in total for their recruiting desk last year

As you can see by the results displayed in our infographic below, recruiters in the Top Echelon split placement network are highly successful, both in terms of placements and production. For instance, 22.2% of them made over 20 placements last year, while another 20.4% cashed in over $300K.

In many cases, these recruiters were able to reach these production milestones because of their membership in Top Echelon Network. That’s because with the resources available in the Network, they made placements they would NOT have made otherwise.

— — —

Where do you and your production fall on the charts below, which constitute our “Recruiting Network Stand-Out Results” infographic? Did you make over 20 placements last year? Did you bill over $300K?

How many more placements could you make this year with the help of a split placement network like Top Echelon? Do you need more job orders? Are your clients looking for high-quality candidates that don’t seem to exist anywhere (including on LinkedIn)?

Then apply for membership in Top Echelon Network. You can also request a Network demo and see how Top Echelon can help you to increase your placements and production.

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