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LinkedIn Recruiting Tip #1—Tantalizing Web Links

by | Aug 27, 2010 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

A couple of posts back, I mentioned getting your Blog link into your LinkedIn Profile.  That point is still valid, but I recently learned a small tip that kicks that up a notch.

Using LinkedIn’s provided settings, the website links in my profile looked something link this:


  • My Company
  • My Blog
  • My Blog

But, if you choose the “Other” type in the first drop-down, you are able to not only link to your blogs, but you can give them a little sales punch to entice visitors to click them!  So instead of the above (boring) appearance, you get:


  • Power Recruiting Tools
  • Recruiting Technology Tips
  • Big Biller Recruiting Software Tips

To tweak your web site entries, login to LinkedIn, put your mouse over the Profile link on the top toolbar.  Click on Edit Profile, this click the Edit link near the Websites heading.  You get the Addition Information edit area, just change the drop-downs and customize your links!  See below for an example.


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