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Mobile Recruiting: Trends, Tools, and Software for Success

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Recruitment Software, Top Echelon Blog

Recruiting is a rather unique endeavor. No matter how much technology advances, the actual act of recruiting another person has basically remained the same. However, the manner in which recruiters (corporate, HR, or agency) reach the point in which they actually recruit another human being has definitely changed, and technology has been at the heart of that change. Enter mobile recruiting!

Sure, once upon a time, recruiters had nothing but a rolodex, the classified ads, and a landline telephone at their disposal. My, how times have changed, specifically because of the advent of the Internet. And now, in the brave year of 2021, mobile recruiting has emerged as a tool for helping recruiters do what they do best: persuading another person to leave their current position in pursuit of a job with another employer.

What is mobile recruiting?

But first things first. What is mobile recruiting?

Mobile recruiting is the strategy by which a recruiter utilizes mobile technology in its many forms to source, attract, engage, and recruit the top job candidates within their industry in the employment marketplace. There are different and distinct facets of mobile recruiting, some of which overlap during the recruiting and hiring process. Those facets include text, apps, email, social media, and job or career websites.

The foundational element of mobile recruiting, of course, is a mobile phone, tablet, or other mobile electronic device. After all, a recruiter can not recruit a job candidate via mobile recruiting if that job candidate does not have a mobile device through which the recruiter can recruit them. And, as luck would have it, more people use their mobile device for just about anything and everything these days, including looking for a new job—either actively or passively.

Reasons to embrace mobile recruiting trends

Regardless of what is happening in the world right now, one thing is certain—people are using their smartphones more often. And they’re using them do to many things. Whether it is to shop, pay bills or connect with old friends, mobile phones are the choice for many. All the information we could possibly need right in the palm of our hands.

This fact is changing the way we go about finding other opportunities too, such as jobs. Recruiters have been finding that many passive candidates will use their phones to sift through jobs that they may want in the future or look through social channels to seek new opportunities. Mobile recruiting trends have definitely had an impact on hiring trends. That has been the case in recent years, and it should continue to be the case in the future.

With that in mind, below are five reasons to embrace mobile recruiting trends:

#1—It enhances each part of your recruiting funnel.

With opportunities for more informal pre-recorded screening videos, many new recruiting processes include these options as ways to get through a recruiting process. While mobile also includes channels such as social media communication, messaging and connecting have been prominent in mobile applications and recruiting.

For many, using mobile phones is made more simple and therefore an easier way to get candidates to interact and engage with the recruitment process laid out. A candidate doesn’t even have to own a computer to compete for jobs! Being able to get along without certain expectations like having a computer are made more possible in this way.

Providing candidates with mobile friendly options will make candidates feel at ease and provide you a better sense of who they are – as many people tend to feel that mobile interactions are more personalized.

#2—Mobile-friendly recruitment is more convenient for managers.

Candidates may have a good time with the mobile friendly interfaces and recruiting channels, however they aren’t the only ones that will feel the benefits of this experience! Managers and recruiting agents alike can access many of the job posts, applications, and scheduling programs on mobile devices as well.

With many recruiting software and applicant tracking systems designed with mobile usability, this is a great opportunity to get away from the desk and use your smartphone for smart recruiting! With the 24/7 ability to see candidate pools and screening results, you can manage applicants from anywhere you want with a mobile friendly recruiting strategy.

#3—You can reach younger generations of job candidates.

Given that younger generations–Millennials and Gen Z–have an extra level of attachment to their mobile phones, this is a great opportunity for outreach. Although this is often criticized by those who don’t have certain phone-uses or dependencies, it is a great tool for connecting with this younger crowd.

In the coming years, these generations will slowly start to overtake the younger portion of the workforce—approximately 38% in the next decade, to be exact! With the rise of social media apps, networking apps and more – this segment of populations are typically more internet savvy and on the go, making them a great target for mobile campaigns.

So instead of playing catch up, it would be best to make your recruitment process mobile friendly!

#4—It can assist in maintaining more effective communication.

With mobile recruitment comes the ability to use text messaging with candidates, which allows managers and other candidates to communicate in a different way than ever before. Traditionally, email was always the only way that many recruiters would be able to exchange messages, but the mobile phone has changed this tradition.

With the use of recruitment software and mobile approaches, the ability to send notifications, updates and application statuses are made readily available. Texting candidates allows for a new sort of informal communication that sets the tone for a candidate-employer relationship. Rather than someone who is scary and daunting, a candidate can sometimes consider a person more of a friend.

#5—Mobile recruitment can provide a better overall experience for job candidates.

Supposedly, 89% of job seekers think mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunting process. Why is it so resisted then when it comes to recruiters embracing mobile friendly options? The mix between an informal conversation and professional work is definitely the answer. Although, a good mix of both can lead to a great future for both parties.

Instead of the rigidity of online job boards and endless application pages, having a well-formatted and easy-to-use mobile friendly application or page would be a great way to attract new candidates. Unless someone is really persistent, oftentimes a daunting careers page or recruiting process can scare off a candidate.

Giving the people what they want in this case is the best scenario for both parties! Keeping things mobile friendly in your recruiting process is the way to keep up with the times, avoid losing highly qualified candidates and keep your tech-focused candidates engaged.

Mobile recruiting tools: tips for success

Now that you’ve embraced mobile recruiting trends and understand why it is to vitally important to emphasize the mobile aspect of your recruitment efforts, what tangible things can you do to enjoy more success? First, you must have the proper mobile recruiting tools at your disposal. Second, you must use those mobile recruiting tools properly to achieve the desired results.

Below are six tips for taking your mobile recruitment efforts to the next level:

#1—Know your audience

This tip may seem simple, but it requires the most effort. You cannot assume only certain types of people will apply for the position you post (e.g., tech-savvy candidates).

It’s crucial to know your audience, which types of candidates you are trying to recruit, and how candidates use mobile devices to search for positions.

Take some time to research your audience. Are candidates using websites? Social media platforms? Find out what their go-to for online recruiting is and start from there. You can always tweak your mobile recruiting strategies.

#2—Post jobs where job seekers and candidates can find them easily.

Do you expect candidates to apply for a position if they cannot find it in the first place? Of course not!

With so many internet avenues for applicants, you must make sure job postings are easy to find and access. The harder it is to view or search for open positions, the less likely candidates will apply.

Post available positions on various mobile-friendly outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and your website. Consider listing positions on job boards to access a larger pool of applicants.

Utilizing mobile-friendly websites and applications attracts candidates while giving them a convenient way to view and apply for an open position.

#3—Optimize your job postings across all devices.

First impressions count just as much for recruiters as they do for candidates. Along with easy access, you must also optimize the mobile recruiting process equally across all types of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

According to one source, only 18% of recruiter leaders say they have optimized their job posts for mobile devices. Don’t you want to be part of the statistic to get ahead of the game?

When you post positions, utilize applications and websites that are user-friendly. Test which platforms work best for job posts. How do your job posts look? Can you view the posts on different devices without warping the images or text?

Take a look at how quickly a candidate can apply to a position. Consider time constraints when determining how to optimize your mobile recruiting efforts. Do candidates ditch the application because it’s too lengthy? Too difficult to read?

#4—Utilize automated text messaging.

Text messages are an instant (and effective) way to help boost your mobile recruiting strategy. Similar to the application process, candidates want something that is short, sweet, and easy-to-use to communicate with recruiters. Consider using text messages to keep up with candidates, give updates, and schedule interviews.

Create a personal touch to the hiring process by personalizing texts. Give reminders about the interview time, date, and name of the person interviewing the candidate.

Weigh the pros and cons of texting candidates and text message etiquette before implementing text messaging in recruiting.

#5—Offer one-click job posting to job seekers and candidates.

Just like how you don’t want to waste time sorting through unqualified applicants, candidates don’t want to waste time, either. More businesses and recruiters are taking advantage of using one-click apply features. One-click apply allows candidates to apply to a position with the click of a button.

One-click apply gives candidates a concise snapshot of the job description while saving them time from filling out an application. And, one-click apply can prevent candidates from abandoning a lengthy application process.

In return, you may see more applications, talented individuals, and interest in the position.

#6—Keep track of evolving mobile talent recruitment trends.

When trying to improve your mobile recruiting, don’t be afraid to seek advice. Review recruiter articles, blog posts, and social media to keep up with the latest mobile recruiting trends and get new ideas on how to optimize your efforts.

Also consider investing in mobile recruiting software. Software and other services can help give you mobile-friendly recruitment solutions while keeping recruiting records organized.

mobile recruiting

Mobile recruiting software by Top Echelon

Top Echelon’s applicant tracking system and CRM offers powerful mobile recruiting software for effectively attracting and engaging top job candidates in today’s market. And there are two aspects of our software in this regard—the mobile experience for the user of the software and the mobile experience of the job seekers and candidates that the user is attempting to attract and engage. At Top Echelon, we strive to provide the best experience possible for both sets of people, so that our customers can maximize their time and their results.

That’s why, with Top Echelon, you can quickly and easily access your database on the go. That’s because we’ve tackled the challenges of mobile recruiting with a simple and intuitive interface.

First, Top Echelon’s recruiting software conforms to whatever mobile device you’re using. It could be a smartphone, a tablet, or another mobile device. Second, our mobile recruiting software allows you to pull up records, activities, contact information, and much more when you’re out and about and not in front of your personal or work computer. The bottom line: you can easily manage your applicants and candidates online with Top Echelon—no matter where you are!

Mobile recruitment software: job posting

One of the most effective ways to source candidates is through job posting, and Top Echelon’s CRM offers that functionality through its mobile interface. In fact, users can post their jobs to sites such as ZipRecruiter, Monster, and more. And our job posting engine is as affordable as it is powerful, with packages starting at just $21 per job for a 30-day posting. Click here for more information about Top Echelon’s job posting service for recruiters.

Mobile recruitment software: email marketing

Another integral part of a CRM, including a mobile recruiting software, is email marketing. You must stay in front of job seekers and candidates on a consistent basis, and if those job seekers and candidates are on their mobile devices most of the time, then that’s where you should be, as well.

With Top Echelon’s recruiting software, you can create email templates so that you can easily load and send them while you’re on the go. In addition, those emails will look sharp and professional to job candidates who are viewing them on the mobile device of their choice. That’s the very definition of a win-win situation!

And with Top Echelon’s mobile recruiting software, you have access to many powerful features that offer dynamic functionality. This includes mass emailing to contacts from your search results, logging of every email sent through the software, and the ability to utilize email aliases, to name just a few.

Free recruiting software trial and live demo

You can see today all of the features and functionality that Top Echelon’s applicant tracking system and CRM can provide for you and your organization. That’s because not only can you request a live demo of our recruiting software, but you can also sign up for a 15-day free trial.

The best part of this free trial is that you do not need your credit card in order to start the trial. In addition, you’ll have access to the full version of the software during your trial. All you need to do is provide some basic contact information and you can get started.

Click HERE to start your free 15-day trial of Top Echelon’s top ATS and mobile recruiting software!

(Editor’s note: Maria Tanski contributed to this blog post.)

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