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Make Sure Your Recruiter Goals are Emotionally Compelling

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Recruiters, make sure to plan your work and work your plan.  It’s a proven fact that you will become more successful if you have a daily written plan.  Planning your day will help you with time management.  Top producers have many habits in common, and having a plan is one of them.

Set very specific goals, both long-term and short-term.  There are four necessary elements for each goal:

  1. The goals must be written down.
  2. There must be a timeframe.
  3. There should be a penalty if they are not achieved.
  4. They must be monitored daily, weekly, etc.

Your recruiter goals should be SMART

Compare your destination to achieve your goals to a road map.  If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there.  Write goals on post-it notes and put them on a bathroom mirror.  As you achieve them, transfer them to the backside of your closet door.  As you open your closet each day, you can relish on your past successes.

The magic of goal setting happens when you get SMART goals:

  • S—Specific
  • M—Measurable/Motivating
  • A—Attainable
  • R—Relevant
  • T—Trackable

If your goals are emotionally compelling and captivating, you will achieve peak performance!

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Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS is a guest writer for the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog. You can hire her for your next conference or event or for in-house training. Barb’s training techniques have guided thousands to a higher level of sales and profits. She is best known for her methodical, easy-to-implement strategies that she shares with her audiences. Her enthusiasm is contagious! If you would like to hire Barb, please call 219.663.9609, email, or visit Good as Gold Training online.

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