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The Importance of Saying, “I Take My Direction From You”

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

In a previous blog post for the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog, I discussed why recruiters should NOT assume that more money is the reason that candidates will accept a job offer.  In this post, I’d like to address some additional things that motivate employees to leave their current employer and what recruiters can do to place these candidates by taking their direction from candidates.

In addition to asking what they would change about their current job, you need to ask this question:  “Why have you accepted jobs in the past and what must be offered by a new company to motivate you to make a career change?”

People are creatures of habits and many times what is most important to them stays consistent throughout their career.  There must be a strong interest and excitement about your new opportunity to enable this candidate to go through the trauma of a job change.

Most surveys list job dissatisfaction in the nation at around over 50%. Think about that for a minute. Approximately half the employees working are not happy with their current job.  They are just waiting for your call so they can share why they would consider a new opportunity.

If you ask them directly, they will provide you with the same thirteen answers, including money, advancement, etc.  If you ask them what they would change about their current job if they were their boss, you will receive the real answer why they have given you their resume.

It’s important to realize that benefits are playing a greater role in the decision-making process of candidates.  It’s important to understand their current benefits package, as well as costs and any matching being offered by their current employer.

You also need to understand the benefits eligibility requirements of your clients, which also affect the decision-making process.  Update your benefits information from clients every six months because clients do change benefits they offer as a way of saving money.

Throughout all of the recruitment steps, utilize the following phrase: “I take my direction from you.” These words empower your candidates and help them realize that you’re focused on their best interests.  Their priorities become your priorities and the foundation of a trusting relationship is established.

Once you’ve identified their real reason for contemplating a change and their hot buttons, you’re on your way to making an appropriate match (and placement) with one of your clients.

Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS is a guest writer for the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog. You can hire her for your next conference or event or for in-house training. Barb’s training techniques have guided thousands to a higher level of sales and profits. She is best known for her methodical, easy-to-implement strategies that she shares with her audiences. Her enthusiasm is contagious! If you would like to hire Barb, please call 219.663.9609, email, or visit Good as Gold Training online.

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