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How to Effectively Use Recruitment Email Marketing to Get More Business

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Recruitment Software, Top Echelon Blog

According to one source, over 90% of adult internet users use email. Get in front of this large audience by taking advantage of recruitment email marketing. You can use email marketing to touch base with current clients and expand your client base.  

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of promoting your services, developing relationships, and encouraging action through electronic communication. Generally, email marketing is used to send emails to large groups of people.

As a recruiter, you can use email marketing for both candidates and clients in your recruiting database. However, we are going to focus on how you can use recruitment email marketing to communicate with clients.

Types of email

There are a few ways you can use recruitment email marketing to communicate with current and potential clients.

Touch base

It’s a good idea to keep in contact with your clients to let them know about your recruiting business and stay at the forefront of their minds. Maintaining a relationship with your clients can lead to them using your recruiter solutions again in the future.

Cross-sell your services

Email marketing can be a very effective tactic to increase profits by selling more to current clients. If you’ve ever bought from your favorite business after receiving emails promoting new products, you know what I mean.

Your clients already know and trust you and your services. Introducing new services to your current client base can fulfill other business needs.

Let’s say you recently added contract staffing to your offerings. Your clients do not currently need permanent hires. However, they could use a few more temporary hands on deck. By sending out an email detailing your new contract staffing service, you could boost business from your current client base.

Cold email

With email marketing, you can contact individuals you don’t know and promote your services to them. You can email companies whose email addresses you obtained from referrals, social media recruiting strategies, etc.

Recruitment email marketing tips

To prevent current and potential clients from skipping over your emails, you need to make sure you create readable content. Otherwise, your open and click rates will be low and your email marketing efforts futile.

Here are some best email marketing strategies.

1. Create a strong and intriguing subject line

Subject lines encourage people to open emails. Nobody will want to open your emails if your subject lines don’t draw them in. Weak and unappealing subject lines will cause clients to skip them or move them to the trash.

There are a few strategies you can use when creating an intriguing subject line for recruiter email. You can give a preview of what the email will be about, ask questions to pique curiosity, or add urgency to get clients to act quickly.

Here’s an example of a subject line you could use when cold emailing clients:

  • Are you ready to start hiring top talent?

You don’t want to create a spammy sounding email subject line, or your hard work will end up in the recipient’s spam folder. In fact, 69% of email recipients who report email as spam do so based off the subject line. Stay away from certain phrases like “This is not spam,” or “URGENT OFFER.”

2. Personalize your emails

Mass emails can get annoying. People want to read emails that are specially made for them.  This is especially true if you have an existing relationship with the client. Would you want to get a generic email when you’ve worked with the sender before?

You must use personalization when you’re sending emails to both people you have not worked with before as well as current clients.

Personalizing emails to people you haven’t worked with can be tricky, however. If the individual is referred, you can mention information that the referrer told you. If you are completely cold emailing someone, research them. You can leverage social media, like using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool to research your email prospect’s company website to find out more about them.

To personalize your emails, start by using the individual’s name. Then, you can reference information like their position, company, interests, and skills.

3. Get to the point

Briefly mention how your recruiting services can benefit the individuals you are emailing. But, don’t go on and on. They can contact you if they have questions or want to hear more about your services.

4. Request the recipient take action

Don’t end the email until you’ve encouraged the recipient to take some sort of action. After you’ve told the recipient the point of your email, let them know they can contact you for more information or offer to meet with them.

5. Take the focus off yourself

While the point of email marketing is to market your recruiting services, you can’t focus on yourself. Instead, put the focus on the person you are writing to. Explain how you can help their business, instead of indirectly showing them how their patronage can help your recruiting business.

Recruiting email templates

How to do email marketing depends on the message you’re trying to convey. Here are three recruiting email templates you can use to help you draft messages to send to clients.

Touching base with your clients

Here’s a friendly email template you can use to keep up with clients and encourage future collaboration.

Hi [First Name],

How’s everything going over at [Company Name]? I’m glad to hear [Candidate You Placed] is a great addition to your team. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know—I would love to work with you again in the future!

[Your Name]

Letting clients know about new offerings

Here’s an email template you could use if you add more offerings to your services.

Hi [First Name],

How’s everything going? I know you are coming up on your busy season, so I am excited to let you know that [Your Recruiting Company] now offers contract staffing services! This option can help place reputable employees to fill temporary needs. If you want to learn more, we could set up a time to talk this week. Thanks, [First Name]!

[Your Name]

Contacting potential clients for the first time

Here’s an email template you can use if you’re reaching out to someone new.

Hi [First Name],

I recently heard about how your business is quickly expanding. Congratulations on your company’s success! I know how difficult it can be finding top talent when you’re on a time crunch, so I wanted to reach out and see if you’re interested in learning about my recruiting and contract staffing services. Are you free to talk on [Day]?  

[Your Name]

If you are reaching out to someone who was referred to you, make sure to mention the name of the referrer.

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