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7 Must-read Recruitment Books to Be More Successful

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Books might be old-fashioned, but they are useful tools that can help you improve as a recruiter. You can learn new tactics and brush up on existing recruiter competencies and skills.

But, so many books exist. You can’t possibly read them all. Instead, narrow your reading list down to the best recruitment books.

7 top recruitment books

To help you choose the top recruiting books, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best books for recruiters. These books on recruiting and staffing will make you a better sourcer, interviewer, and networker. Essentially, the following list of recruitment and selection books will help you learn how to be a good recruiter in today’s marketplace.

The Professional Recruiter’s Handbook: Delivering Excellence in Recruitment Practice by Jane Newell Brown and Ann Swain

The Professional Recruiter’s Handbook promises to help you achieve success in recruitment. The book includes an introduction to the recruitment industry for new recruiters, tips for being a successful recruiter, and strategies for candidate and client excellence. You learn how to use your strengths to attract, approach, and retain new clients and candidates.

This recruiting book does have a European/U.K. slant, but the contents are useful for all recruiters.

The Consultative Recruiter by Katherine Moody

This book will help you become a consultative recruiter who brings value to both clients and candidates. The chapters will walk you through 14 techniques to build better relationships, provide more services, and get more details from hiring managers and candidates.

The Consultative Recruiter also has templates, sample questions, and tips to get more done and provide more value without burning out.

96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire by Paul Falcone

When you are interviewing talent, or helping clients interview talent, you need great interview questions to ask candidates. You must find the best fits and pick out the weeds. This book will give you a whopping 96 questions to choose from. But, this book isn’t just a numbered list. It’ll tell you reasons to ask each question. And, the book will give you advice for interpreting candidate answers.

How to Spot a Liar: Why People Don’t Tell the Truth … and How You Can Catch Them by Gregory Hartley and Maryann Karinch

Candidates frequently lie. They want to look good to get the job, so they might fudge the details on resumes and interview questions. It’s your job to identify the liars and remove them from your candidate pool. This book will give you the tools to spot lies. It’ll also teach you to use your skills in interviews and job offer negotiations so you can have the upper hand.

Keyword Search for Recruiters: a Collection of Smart and Simple Techniques and Strategies for Busy Recruiters by Moises Lopez

When you do a Google resume search, you can’t use simple keywords and search operators. You’ll receive thousands of results that are unrelated to the candidates you’re trying to find. You need to understand how to find the right keywords to use. And, you need to use Boolean search operators to narrow your search. This book will help you understand how to optimize your searches so you can uncover better candidates.

The Rich Recruiter by Andrew Leong

This book will teach you how to transform from an average recruiter into a big biller. In The Rich Recruiter, you’ll learn how to find candidates, get past PSLs, contact hard-to-reach clients, and beat out your competitors. When you use the tips in this book, you’ll get better candidates and clients, earn more, and excel as a recruiter.

Would you rather listen than read? Check out our webinar The Millionaire Recruiter by Jon Bartos. He talks about the metrics, motivations, and skills that can help you earn more.


People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment by Josef Kadlec

LinkedIn is a staple for recruiting. But, how can you take your LinkedIn recruiting to the next level? This book will advance your LinkedIn recruiting knowledge. Learn new skills for networking, refining searches, contacting candidates, and using groups.

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