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That’s Right . . . a ‘SUPER Early Bird’ Registration in 2011!

by | Nov 24, 2010 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

At Top Echelon, we’re constantly devising ways in which to make it more affordable for Preferred Members to attend our conferences and conventions.  That’s one of the reasons that we went to six regional conferences in 2010, as opposed to our traditional format of one national Convention and one Fall Conference.

While it’s true that we’re returning to our two-event format for 2011, it’s also true that we’re still looking for ways in which to help recruiters attend these events.  And we’ve already devised something for the 2011 National Convention in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  That something is what we like to call our “Super Early Bird Registration.”

Here’s the thought process behind Super Early Bird.

Many recruiters like to register for our National Convention before the end of the year, since they can then claim that business expense on the current year’s taxes.  As a result, Super Early Bird will be available next month—Monday, December 6, specifically.

What makes Super Early Bird so super?  The big reason is the price that’s being offered.  The price of Super Early Bird Registration for the 2011 National Convention will only be $275 per person.  Compared to what Early Bird has cost in the past—typically around $495 per person—that’s a very good price.

Why are we able to offer such a great price?  (And do I start every paragraph with a question?)  We’ve learned quite a bit from these six regional conferences this year, and part of what we learned was how to reduce our costs when dealing with hotels and planning these events.  As a result, we plan to transfer what we’ve learned over to next year’s events.

So . . . you’ll have just about an entire month to do the following:

  • Sign up for the 2011 National Convention at the unbelievably low rate of $275 per person.
  • Claim the cost of the convention as a business expense for 2010.

After the first of the year, we’ll be offering our “Regular Early Bird Registration.”  While the cost associated with that registration will still be affordable, it won’t be as attractive as the Super Early Bird rate.

Remember, the 2011 National Convention will be held at the Westin in Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday, May 12, through Saturday, May 14.  If you’d like to join us for that event, start making plans now, and keep an eye out for more information in the The Pinnacle and also in the news section of the Members’ Area.

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