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‘The Story of My Success’: Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

While it’s true that many recruiters are struggling during this economic recovery, some recruiters are thriving in the midst of current conditions . . . like Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC.  According to Maria, she and the rest of her firm—including business partner Joanna Spaun—are enjoying one of their best years ever.

Maria has certainly enjoyed success making placements in Top Echelon Network.  She’s made seven placements since the beginning of 2010, and five of them have been splits.  Overall, she’s made 43 placements since she joined the Network in 2005.

We asked Maria what factors have contributed to her success this year, and she provided the following answers:

— — —

“When asked, my first and only response was SALES.  When things got tough, we hit the pavement, and we hit it hard.  Last year and this year, we can attribute the success that we’re having to being out in the market in front of our clients and prospects.  Even when times have been tough during the last two years, we assume everyone is going to use [recruiters].  It’s just a matter of when, and when they do, it might as well be us.  But the only way that we can guarantee that it will be us is with frequent communication through direct, face-to-face sales calls; phone calls; email marketing; snail mail marketing; and fun ‘give-aways.’  Of the 23 accounts that we’ve invoiced this year, 11 of them were companies that we’ve never done business with and one of them has turned into our largest contract business customer.  One account was someone that I had called on for over 10 years!

“Which leads to the next attribute—ATTITUDE!  Throughout this recession, we’ve kept a positive attitude, at times even avoiding listening to the news and taking a ‘business as usual’ viewpoint.  When I’m on sales calls, I stop everywhere, even if I know the company just had a layoff.  I don’t assume that a company is never going to use [a recruiter].  I assume everybody is going to use [one], and it’s just a matter of when, and when they do, it might as well be MJ Recruiters.  As I’m meeting with people, I always get permission to stay in touch with them and follow up in the future.  Attitude is everything!

“Next is the PROCESS.  In our office, we have the process down.  We know how to make a placement and have a detailed, outlined process in order to do so.  Everyone has a role in the process.  My role is the order and client communication, we have researchers who manage the search process, and Joanna manages the interview and presentation process.  The process is an in-depth checklist that holds us accountable to all tasks, not missing a beat.  As contingent recruiters, this process has led us to fill 69% of the orders that we’ve taken this year.

“Last is GOALS: daily, weekly, monthly, and annual business goals.  We meet daily to prioritize our desks and job orders; we create weekly submittal goals; and we break down our business goals monthly and annually, including having a thermometer in our office showing our monthly sales goal achievements.  You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t have goals!”

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