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Three Big Keys for More Recruiting Success

by | Oct 28, 2010 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

How do you enjoy success as a recruiter in this economic environment, when job orders are more scarce and clients are slow and stingy.  Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC has an answer.

Hemminger, one of the Top-Producing Recruiters in Top Echelon Network, started in the recruiting industry in 1997.  Despite the recent recession and the prolonged recovery that’s followed it, Hemminger indicated that 2010 has been one of the best years that her firm has ever had.

How has the team at MJ Recruiters managed to be so productive and bill so much during a time when many recruiters are struggling just to stay in business?

According to Hemminger, one of the major reasons is SALES, specifically the desire to market and sell her firm and its services at a time when companies aren’t exactly open to the thought of hiring or using a recruiter in order to find the people for which they’re looking.

“When things got tough, we hit the pavement and we hit it hard,” said Hemminger, who’s been a Preferred Member of the Network since 2005.  “Last year and this year we can attribute the success that we’re having to being out in the market in front of our clients and prospects.

“Even when times have been tough in the last two years, we assume everyone is going to use [a recruiter].  It’s just a matter of when, and when they do, it might as well be us.  But the only way that we can guarantee that it will be us is with frequent communication.

“This communication is through direct face-to-face sales calls, phone calls, email marketing, snail mail marketing, and fun ‘give-aways.’  Of the 23 accounts that we have invoiced this year, 11 of them were companies that we have never done business with and one of them has turned into our largest contract business customer.  One account was someone that I had called on for over 10 years!”

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