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Top Echelon Recruiter Convention Set for Las Vegas!

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

Top Echelon has not only announced the location of its spring recruiter convention for 2016, but registration is now live for the event. The 2016 Top Echelon National Convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The two-day event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, and Wednesday, April 20. The location will be the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

Next year’s recruiter convention will be the first of its kind in the history of Top Echelon. In the past, the convention was available only to members of Top Echelon’s split placement network. However, there will be two tracts for the 2016 event:

  • One tract for Top Echelon Network members
  • One tract for Big Biller software users

2016 Recruiter Convention = Placements

While the majority of Top Echelon Network members are also users of the Big Biller software, there are also thousands of recruiters across the country who are not part of the Network. Those recruiters have also been invited to attend the 2016 National Convention.

As a result, they will have the opportunity to hear the keynote speaker for the event, Greg Doersching of Bullseye Mentor. Doersching, one of the most cutting-edge voices in the recruiting industry, has served as a speaker and presenter at past Top Echelon events, including the 2007 National Convention.

In addition to numerous sessions by Doersching, Network members and Big Biller users will have the opportunity to learn more about Top Echelon’s software solutions and tools. They’ll also have the chance to network with one another and enjoy all of the attractions that Las Vegas has to offer.

Networking is one of the cornerstones of Top Echelon’s conventions. That’s how relationships are created and placements are made. Click here to view photo albums on the Top Echelon Facebook Fan Page, and see how much fun recruiters have when they meet each other face-to-face.

Top Echelon’s overriding goal with its events is to help recruiters make more placements, and that goal applies to all of its customers—from Network members to Big Biller users to those who take advantage of Top Echelon’s website design services.

So if history is any indication, placements will most definitely result from the 2016 Top Echelon National Convention!

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