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Using Social Media for Recruiting: Do’s and Don’ts

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Top Echelon Blog

For recruiters, social media can be a great sourcing tool for new placements – however you need to learn to use it appropriately. Learn more about it here!

With millions of users worldwide, social media platforms are the ultimate social tool for many people. With the ability to converse both personally and professionally, odds are you have used one of them. Different platforms seemingly have different formats, layouts and content to offer. While all of social media may get put in a box, many companies have found that using each one in distinct ways is a good way to reach certain audiences.

On LinkedIn for example, people are often looking for more professional connections. With the ability to post industry updates, house life work experiences, and more – people turn to LinkedIn for their all around professional lives. This is a great place to start for recruiters.

With this practice comes general practices you should and shouldn’t do, as with anything. We’re here to help guide you, with our pick of best practices!

The Do’s

#1—Update your recruiting profile.

A recruiters profile should be just as impressive and eye-catching as the candidate’s profiles. If you are seeking to get top-notch candidates, you should be out there trying to match their energy and commitment. Things to include in this are: updated professional profile picture, information about yourself that is up-to-date, and your background either personally or professionally. Bonus: If you have any previous experience with clients or candidates, getting reviews or feedback to place on your profile can be really rewarding when people visit your profile.

#2—Participate in Groups.

On many social platforms, there are many groups that you can join. By using the search bar, you can join exclusive groups based on job titles, interests, and more! For recruiters, this can be really advantageous when you may need to find a trading partner or network. Although we recommend Top Echelon Network, there are many more specific recruiting groups out there for certain regions all over the world.

In the long term, you can create rapport with other recruiters, find niche opportunities and create success for yourself. The key is establishing yourself and reaching out to connect with others in this fashion.

#3—Use video.

Recruiters should utilize video to attract the attention of job seekers. With so many posts out there drowning in word counts that push people away, video is an easily digestible form of content that people will engage with. This year, it is estimated that 82% of all Internet traffic will be from video content alone.

From a CareerBuilder study, it has been found that a featured video or something linked to a video received 12% more views and engagement rather than one without. So by integrating some video into your recruiting profile or postings, you can get more people to engage with you.

#4—Optimize for mobile

It is no surprise that mobile is a place where postings and advertisements are finding success. Since almost 77% of U.S. adults own smartphones, many job seekers are relying on this mobile optimization. This is something that many have tried to take advantage of.

Making sure that content, and applications are mobile responsive is something that companies have tried to account for in recent years due to the fact that much more internet traffic is driving through mobile phones. Since social media platforms are among the many that have optimized for this traffic, many job seekers are turning to their phones to look for jobs.

The Don’ts

#1—Don’t spam candidates.

One of the worst things you can do as a recruiter is to send generic messages to candidates. If they’re timely and relevant, then maybe it can have some benefit. However, this often comes off as spam and something that is harshly impersonal. Instead trying to make messaging more personal, or adding a tailored touch to them can have a more attractive tone to it and generate more responsiveness.

#1—Don’t over-post.

Rather than posting a lot of content on social media platforms, it is often a better idea to aim for more quality content. Taking some time to evaluate the context of the content can attract the candidates that you want as well as making your outreach much more strong in general. Implementing this sort of strategy in your social media can help make your content stand out and be received much more effectively.

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