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Why Manufacturing Has an URGENT Hiring Need

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

JOB MARKET TREND: It’s a matter of math and numbers, really.  Right now, companies in the Manufacturing industry are trying to fill 237,000 job openings.  (That’s NOT a typo.)  Here’s the kicker: that number is going to get bigger during the next several years—a lot bigger.  The reason?  Once again, numbers . . . more specifically demographics.  Nearly 80% of the current manufacturing workforce is between the ages of 45 and 65.  They’re not going to work forever, obviously, and the question becomes, “Who’s going to replace them?”

ARTICLE:The Coming Brain Drain in U.S. Manufacturing” via

ANALYSIS: Yes, some of these 237,000 jobs are lower-level openings, positions for which companies do not need recruiters.  But when you’re looking to hire that many people, you’re obviously going to need managers of all sorts, as well as other higher-level employees.  In addition, you’ll need Sales & Marketing professionals, to which the article alluded.

As any recruiter will tell you, an urgent hiring need means companies that will move quickly through the recruitment process steps and not drag their feet.  When you have that many job openings, how can you afford to drag your feet?  You can’t.

Top Echelon Preferred Members make more Network placements in Manufacturing than in any other industry.  Traditionally, the percentage has been between 30% and 40%.  That means for every 10 placements made in Top Echelon Network, between three and four of them are in Manufacturing.  That’s a sizeable percentage.

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FEEDBACK: Do you work in Manufacturing? What have you been seeing?  Urgency on the part of your clients?  How successful have you been finding candidates for their job orders?

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