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Applicant Tracking Software for Enhancing the Recruiting and Hiring Process

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Recruitment Software

There’s a lot of administrative work involved in the recruiting and hiring process. It includes job posting to reviewing resumes to interviewing and vetting qualified candidates. Recruiting software can streamline and automate much of the candidate search and hiring process. However, the right applicant tracking software allows your team to focus on people instead of mountains of paperwork.

That’s why you should look for an applicant tracking software that supports the following (among other things):

  • Talent search
  • Interview scheduling
  • Background checks
  • Candidate communication

Systems like Top Echelon’s applicant tracking software offer a cloud-based, collaborative solution that lets users track job postings and actively engage quality candidates. Top Echelon also provides toolsets that allow recruiters to review, select and share applicant information within the hiring teams that are posting open positions within your organization.

Applicant tracking software to make things easier

If your company is growing, a hiring campaign can be a labor-intensive process. And if your company is strategizing for recovery, recruitment software solutions like Top Echelon are the ideal way to streamline and manage recruitment, hiring, and onboarding in a way that optimizes your human capital. Selecting a recruiting solution with analytics and filters to address periods of recession and either high or low unemployment can also enhance your company’s odds of attracting high-value, hard-to-find talent, regardless of the economic or employment landscape.

Even small to mid-sized businesses have replaced old-school processes and paper resumes with technology solutions. An applicant tracking software like Top Echelon offers many options for integration to support your process and promote your brand:

  • Custom automated workflows
  • Email templates
  • Social media recruiting
  • Real-time analytics

It’s a wise move to consider collaborative systems that integrate into your existing recruiting and hiring process. After all, the right applicant tracking software can pay for itself in terms of saving time, energy, and resources. This enables HR operations to take more systematic approach to hiring. (It also enables recruiting agency owners to take a more systematic approach to recruiting.) In addition, it’s also an intelligent and strategic way to create a more positive candidate experience.

Top Echelon’s applicant tracking software is uniquely designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses and recruiting agencies that are seeking an affordable ATS solution. There is no need for time intensive training or long implementation periods. Top Echelon is an intuitive, easy-to-use ATS system. Since that’s the case, your team is equipped to focus on recruiting and hiring and not software training.

At Top Echelon, we’ve designed our applicant tracking software to help you focus more on what you do best. It could be recruiting. It could be hiring. Or it could be both.

Whatever the case may be, let Top Echelon help enhance your recruiting and hiring process.

Applicant tracking software and resume parsing

A robust ATS solution will allow your recruitment team to organize talent data based on filters that match potential candidates to relevant job requirements. The best applicant tracking software solutions enable users to track job postings and actively engage high-quality candidates. With resume parsing, the ATS scans each document to extract relevant information such as the following:

  • Job-specific skills
  • Work experience
  • Education level
  • Industry knowledge
  • Location

Some recruiting software services (like Top Echelon) also offer resume parsing. This is a bonus aspect of the resume parsing feature. With email parsing, users can email resumes to their recruiting database. When they do so, the software parses the resume, creates a record, and attaches the resume to that record.

A Top Echelon user can parse up to 20 resumes per email. Top Echelon’s applicant tracking software will automatically check for duplicate records within the database. If our ATS finds a duplicate record, you may choose to have the software update the existing record or leave the record as it is and simply notify you of the duplicate.

As you can see, a solution like Top Echelon offers toolsets that can help you share applicant information within teams. And when more people have access to the right information, you can streamline the recruiting and hiring process and achieve better results.

Seamless searching for the right candidates

The best ATS software systems make it easier to narrow the number of applicants. That’s because they search applications and resumes for certain criteria in a way that supports your organization’s specific needs. With Top Echelon’s seamless searching capabilities, your team is able to:

  • Apply custom search filters
  • Customize workflows
  • Ensure compliance with federal employment and anti-discrimination laws

Top Echelon’s applicant tracking software allows users to quickly get their hands on specific records. In addition, Boolean logic drives our keyword searching capabilities. With Boolean logic, you have the ability to combine a variety of “operators” with certain keywords or terms. This allows you to produce more relevant—and thereby, more valuable—search results.

Our seamless searching also applies to the search interface. Top Echelon’s interface is consistent across People, Company, and Job Order databases. This means that if you know how to search People records in the ATS, then you can easily do the same for Company and Job Order searches, too.

The right ATS software for your business needs

When it comes to choosing the right ATS match for your business needs, Top Echelon offers:

  • User-friendliness and simplicity for greater speed and time savings
  • Reporting capabilities for analysis and performance improvement
  • Flexibility for problem solving, goal achievement, and better results over time
  • High level of integration to support your organization’s overall operational structure

Attracting and hiring the right talent for the job is easier, faster, and more efficient with an applicant tracking software like Top Echelon’s cloud-based solution. You’ll find that Top Echelon streamlines job posting, candidate selection, and onboarding processes.

However, these are not the only consideration. You also need an ATS solution that can dramatically save time, from job posting to application to vetting to hiring to onboarding to compliance and reporting. You also need easy access to technical support and transparent and affordable pricing. And let’s not forget no hidden fees or service charges.

Applicant tracking software free trial or live demo

You can find all of this (and more) with Top Echelon. We offer one of the most versatile feature packages of any applicant tracking software currently on the market.

But don’t take it from us . . . try Top Echelon for yourself!

You can request a recruiting software demo of Top Echelon’s applicant tracking system or get free recruitment software for 15 days as part of your trial.

And that transparent and affordable pricing we were talking about earlier? Be sure to check out our recruitment software pricing structure! (You can choose either the monthly plan or the annual plan.)

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