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Recruitment Training Courses for Managers and Agency Owners

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Recruiter Training

As we’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, there are two types of recruitment training courses:

  1. Those for individual recruiters who are part of an agency
  2. Those for agency owners, including those agency owners who also work a desk

Whereas an owner can benefit from recruitment training courses of every type, such is not the case for individual recruiters who are not owners. That’s because if they’re not owners, then they won’t be interested in (nor benefit from) recruitment training courses for managers and agency owners.

So that begs this question: can you be a recruiting manager, but not necessarily an agency owner? The answer to that question is “Yes,” but that type of scenario usually involves larger recruiting agencies or firms. In that scenario, there would be an agency owner (or owners), multiple managers, and then individual recruiters under those managers. But even in this scenario, it’s still true that if a recruiter is not an agency owner (or manager), then they won’t benefit from recruitment training courses for managers and agency owners.

Just like individual training helps recruiters become better recruiters, recruitment manager courses help recruitment managers become better managers. The only thing that changes are the topics that are discussed during these courses. The goal, of course, is more billings, more revenue, and more profit. When a manager or owner becomes better at what they do, it translates into more of these things, just as when a recruiter becomes a better recruiter. It’s a simple equation: better = more.

The good news is that Top Echelon offers recruitment training for managers and owners as part of its Recruiter Coaching Series of free webinars. These courses possess the important dual characteristics of being both online and free.

Online recruitment training for managers and agency owners

After the webinars in Top Echelon’s Recruiter Coaching Series are over, we post the recorded version of the webinars in our Recruiter Training Library. Many of these training courses (and subsequent videos) deal with topics that could be associated with recruitment sales training.

Four of these recruitment training courses for managers and owners are listed below. We’ve included the title of the course or video, the name of the trainer, a description, and a link.

— — —

“The Total Account Executive – How to Find, Hire, Train and Retain Them” by Bob Marshall

For as long as I have been in the recruitment business (going on 39 years now), one of the most asked questions revolves around how to identify potential ‘big billers’ when we first meet them as raw, talented but unpolished gems. What do they look like and what do they sound like? What traits do they have that will serve them well as recruiters? And, just as important, what traits do they have that will cause them to fail as recruiters? —a big concern since we plan to put so much time, energy and money into their development. At the end of the day, how do we locate these future superstars, develop them and keep them!

This presentation will be in four parts:

Part 1: Vectoring in on the ‘ideal’ AE profile by illuminating the qualities they possess.

Part 2: Explaining to this potential superstar what big billing AEs do for a living. I will compare the AE to a doctor, explaining how they are similar in so many ways. Next comes the definition of The Total Account Executive and the power of commitment.

Part 3: Training focused on the thirteen ‘motivational paths’ and how to acquire the ‘right attitude’.

Part 4: Retaining these Total Account Executives by implementing the techniques of the ‘zero turnover’ big biller managers. I will discuss general motivation theory; the direct commission curve; and secondary motivators. Some of the other techniques will include: AE-conducted morning meetings, Total AE special membership clubs; monthly awards and team closing theory.

Click HERE to watch this recruitment manager training course video.

— — —

“Creating a Culture of Performance by Using Metrics” by Jon Bartos

Creating a culture of performance is a recipe for how to achieve your maximum potential—either individually or as a team. Prepare to earn a Ph.D. in the Science of Recruiting . . . and by the way, it’s not just all about making more calls.

Bartos will share the following in this FREE recruiter training webinar:

  • The critical Activity Metrics and Results Metrics and why they’re important to track
  • The “7 Ratios,” what they mean, and how to use them to immediately improve your performance in recruiting, marketing, and matching skills
  • The “Magic Recipe” on how to reach your maximum potential
  • How to create a culture of performance to achieve individual and team performance goals
  • A real-time view of the RPM Dashboard, a tool for establishing a culture of performance

You’ll walk away with the following:

  • An in-depth understanding of metrics in recruiting
  • What each metric means and their importance for improving performance overnight

Click HERE to watch this recruitment manager training course video.

— — —

“Simultaneously Grow and Protect Your Business” by Barb Bruno

It’s not enough to WANT a record-breaking year. You need to make changes in the way you work your desk and business.

During this video, industry trainer Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS of Good as Gold Training will address the following topics:

  • How to increase the value of your business
  • Why you should prepare NOW for the next downturn
  • How to protect yourself and your business
  • What Millennials and Baby Boomers have in common
  • The new workforce model

Click HERE to watch this recruitment manager training course video.

— — —

“Thinking Ahead: 3 Musts to Build Your Firm’s Value ” by Amy Bingham

You’ve probably heard that a direct hire only firm is not attractive for potential buyers, and that no more than 20% of your sales should come from direct hire. This is why you should also be in the contract staffing business.

But that’s not all you need to make your firm attractive for sale. Attend this FREE webinar by industry trainer Amy Bingham and learn three additional drivers of value to sell your firm for top dollar when you’re ready!

Click HERE to watch this recruitment manager training course video.

— — —

Free recruitment training for managers and agency owners

Not only are Top Echelon’s training courses located online, but they’re also FREE! This includes the recruitment training courses for managers and agency owners outlined above. In fact, Top Echelon offers a TON of recruitment training courses. These webinars touch upon a variety of recruiter-related topics dealing with both candidates and clients. As always, our goal with these webinars (and corresponding videos) is to help recruiters make more placements.

These free recruitment training courses are conducted by some of the most popular trainers and speakers in the recruiting and staffing profession. In addition to the three trainers listed above, they include:

  • Greg Doersching
  • Scott Love
  • Jordan Rayboy
  • Shally Steckerl
  • Doug Beabout
  • Gary Stauble
  • Scott Wintrip

These are just a handful of the many trainers who have contributed to our library of training courses. There are others, as well. Here’s even better news: these recruitment training courses are literally at your fingertips. That’s because with just a few keystrokes (and, ahem, your email address), you could start watching them right now!

And not only that, but you can also sign up to receive emails for our Recruiter Coaching Series of live webinars. As mentioned above, after the webinars are over, we post the recorded version of the webinars on our website. So you can visit our online library and:

  • Browse our catalog of free online recruitment training courses.
  • Sign up to receive emails about future webinars.

Click the link below to visit our online library of recruiter training courses:

Visit our Recruiter Training Library!

In addition to training and webinars, Top Echelon offers other recruitment solutions. These solutions include the following:

For more information about Top Echelon and the products and services that it offers, visit the Top Echelon website by clicking here.

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