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Best ATS for Startups in 2023

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Recruitment Software

Growing your startup business is a top priority for you in 2023, but to make that happen, you’ll need to acquire more of one of your organization’s most valuable resources: people.

Bringing the right people on board is a vital component of any new company’s success. A motivated and strong team can help your startup to navigate the obstacles that companies face in their early stages.

Fortunately, the right applicant tracking system (ATS) can help your business to hire the best startup team members. The question is, what is the best ATS available today?

Here’s a rundown of the best software options for startups seeking to hire new employees.

Let’s jump in!

Why Invest in an Applicant Tracking System?

Why Invest in an ATS?

An ATS can help you to improve your startup’s recruitment process. The system will serve as a database of your job applicants. It will also hold any data your company generates during your candidate screening process.

An ATS can be a hiring game-changer when it is molded to your company’s culture, needs, and processes. That’s because it can make a haphazard hiring process more structured. It can also help with streamlining your human resources workflows.

Various ATS options come with different features. However, the following are some of the most common features:

  • Job postings
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Job candidate comparisons
  • Importing and exporting customized data
  • Assessment creation and distribution
  • Messaging

All in all, an ATS can assist you in recruiting, screening, shortlisting, communicating, and hiring talent in a single place. With the right system, you can expedite the process of securing team members who are a good fit for your growing business.

BreezyHR Software

One of the best ATS options for startups is BreezyHR. This software is especially ideal for medium-sized or small businesses looking to hire quickly.

With this system, you can easily find and hire candidates internally. The software stands out for offering a user-friendly interface.

BreezyHR allows you to clearly define your organization’s hiring process steps. You can then automate each stage. This will save you time and help you to create the consistent workflow you need for hiring employees or even gig workers.

For instance, with the software, you can automatically trigger the sending of a questionnaire or email. This can come in handy when you’re trying to move job candidates through your various recruiting stages.

As an example, let’s say that someone has applied for an opening at your company. You can automatically send the candidate a questionnaire. This will help you to determine if they are the right fit for your company.

You can also post a job listing to various job boards using a single click with BreezyHR. In addition, you can effortlessly add background checks and aptitude tests.

Another benefit of BreezyHR is that it offers convenient in-application communication via SMS and email. You can also even use @-mentions, comments, and notes to collaborate with other employees involved in the hiring process.

BreezyHR additionally offers a free software tier for startups interested in trying it out.

The drawback of BreezyHR? Some advanced features, such as creating an interview guide, aren’t very intuitive the first time you use them.

BambooHR Software

Another popular ATS option for startups is BambooHR. This startup applicant tracking system can help you to improve both your hiring and your onboarding process.

This software option is unique in that it isn’t just an ATS. Rather, it is more like an overall human resource suite.

When it comes to meeting your hiring needs, this software offers the tools you need to build your candidate funnel for each open role. You can also use the software to collect applications, create listings, and build job pages.

After you’ve selected new employees, you can then send and store offer letters with BambooHR. In addition, you may take advantage of tools for handling benefits administration, PTO, employee records, and time tracking.

You can even administer staff satisfaction surveys and manage performance with this software.

The downside of BambooHR? Like other platforms designed to perform more than one function, you may find that BambooHR doesn’t handle all of your human resource functions equally well. For instance, the benefits management function might not be as easy to use as you would expect it to be.

Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse ATS is a particularly helpful option for technology startups.

This ATS has a couple of goals. First, it is aimed at helping you to scale the recruitment process when your startup is going through a growing season. Second, it can assist you in refining your recruitment process in the off-peak seasons.

This software option works well in any industry where companies prioritize job applicants’ experience and compete for top talent. This is why tech sector startups are drawn to it.

The ATS has been praised for its stellar user interface and user experience. Its core features include standard scorecards for job interviews.

It is particularly handy for companies that are trying to create or manage diversity initiatives. For instance, you can create pre-defined hiring decision criteria and even perform anonymous job candidate reviews through the software.

This software option is a bit on the expensive side compared with other ATS options, however.

ViVAHR Software

Perhaps you lead a home services business, like an HVAC, landscaping, or cleaning company. ViVAHR ATS may be a good fit for you.

This software will save you time if your goal is to simply post your jobs to multiple premium or free job boards online. The software’s other major features include candidate evaluation, screening, and review tools.

The downside of ViVAHR, though, is that it does not offer the advanced recruiting features that come with other software options.

Workable Software

If you’re looking for an ATS with sourcing tools, Workable might be a good fit for your startup company.

With this software, you can build job listings and branded job portals. You can also sync the software with today’s job boards. In addition, this ATS allows you to share your job listings on social media.

However, the platform especially stands out for including a database of hundreds of millions of job candidates. You can search this database by specific skills, job roles, and employment history.

This feature allows you to source candidates proactively. In addition, you can build an automated outreach campaign to draw applicants.

You can also receive artificial intelligence–powered job candidate suggestions based on each of your company’s job listings when you choose a yearly ATS plan.

This ATS also offers features designed to boost your internal referrals. These include leaderboards, rewards, and even gamification. In addition, you can access collaboration-based evaluation tools. This way, you and your team members can discuss and score various candidates.

Workable also offers video interview capabilities. Specifically, a job candidate can record their video response to a prompt from you. This essentially eliminates the need for a phone screen.

Overall, this ATS is handy for rapidly building and deploying your hiring workflows. Note, though, that it focuses only on hiring and sourcing. It does not offer employee management or onboarding features.


This software is another fitting ATS option for companies of all sizes, including startups.

With this ATS, you can access tools for posting job openings and collaboratively evaluating your candidates. In addition, metrics and reporting are built into the software.

The user interface is also intuitive and clean. This makes it a great option for you if you’re looking for an ATS without a steep learning curve.

A disadvantage of Recruiterbox is that the pricing can be a bit high compared with other ATS options. That’s because you’ll have to pay for the ATS based on your number of workers. This might not seem like a huge problem when your startup is small, but it could present cost concerns as you scale your business.


Looking for an ATS option that is ideal for branded job posting creation, management, and sharing? This software option may meet your startup’s needs.

JazzHR is a popular ATS choice because it can work well for all types of businesses. In addition, it is designed to work with a variety of job boards. This software also conveniently offers a visual pipeline of job candidates.

The drawback of JazzHR is that it does not offer any outstanding features. In addition, the user interface may be confusing.


This ATS is another top choice for startups. That’s because SmartRecruiters can help you to attract quality candidates by optimizing your recruitment workflow.

When you use this ATS, you can expect advanced technology driven by artificial intelligence. This capability will provide your job candidates with engaging experiences. It will also make the recruiting process more efficient on your startup’s end.

Through this ATS, you can post jobs on virtually any job board. In addition, you can tap into a community of thousands of recruitment professionals for advice and tips.

The ATS will also enable you to create mobile-optimized and high-converting landing pages that you can use for job candidates. You can additionally use the software’s eSignature feature during your hiring process.

Another benefit of this ATS is that you can use it for free for your first few hires so that you can become acquainted with the system. However, a plan can be on the high side cost-wise compared with other ATS options.

Bullhorn Software

If you run a recruiting operation, Bullhorn ATS may be a wise choice.

This ATS’s database features at least 8,000 recruiting agencies. In addition, the makers of this software invest heavily in product development to boost its application’s speed. This is a bonus for recruiters who have to perform multiple simultaneous recruiting tasks each hour.

With the software, you should have no problem posting to various job sites within the application. You can also track candidate communications thanks to the software’s customer relationship management capabilities.

The ATS additionally enables online and automated onboarding for hires.

You’ll furthermore have the flexibility to customize your contact records with this software. Because the ATS’s database is a centralized cloud one, you’ll be able to keep your records up to date across devices as well.

The drawback of this software is that the price depends on how many users you have. In addition, you’ll have to submit your contact information to the Bullhorn company to receive a quote. However, the bright side is that with this software, you can choose a plan pricing tier that fits your startup’s size.

Jobvite Software

Jobvite is another ATS choice that has picked up steam during the past couple of years.

This ATS is unique in that it approaches from the perspective of inbound marketing. It emphasizes tracking candidates’ metrics and actions, then compiling these data into actionable and useful reports. This will allow you to effortlessly measure your startup’s recruiting performance.

In addition, artificial intelligence is what powers the software’s messaging, screening, targeting, and sourcing functionality. You can also use the app’s video calling feature with its sleek interface for candidate interviews.

The app also allows you to create career sites and microsites that are optimized for today’s mobile devices.

The negative aspect of this software is that you have to contact Jobvite for a quote, and the price is relatively steep compared with other tracking systems.

GoHire Software

GoHire is another in-demand ATS option for startups and small companies. This powerful app offers several features that make it competitive.

For instance, GoHire makes it easy for you to create a branded career page and then post job listings to your firm’s social media pages. You can also post a job description on a little more than 15 job boards.

The disadvantage of this app is that you can’t post to as many job boards with this software as you can with other ATS offerings. However, it does show that the software truly is focused on startups. The software is also an ideal fit for a software company.

Another drawback of this app is that it’s a little more complicated to use compared with other apps. However, the more you practice using its features, the more you’ll likely find them to be helpful.

For instance, the app offers a multi-step candidate hiring workflow that features defined stages. You’ll also receive a clear snapshot of your candidates at all stages of the hiring process. In addition, you can automate tasks and messages at every stage.

With this app, you can also create templates to ensure consistent workflows and messaging — another positive. In addition, the app makes reviewing and rating candidates easy.

Recruitee Software

If you’re interested in using an ATS that is tailor-made to your startup’s needs, Recruitee may be the right fit for you.

This software comes with tiered pricing that provides different levels of functionality. So, if you need a solution to your pressing applicant tracking and collection needs, you can use this ATS. Then, you can choose another version of Recruitee that is more advanced as your startup scales.

For instance, Recruitee’s “Launch” package comes with the following:

  • Kanban-style interface for tracking candidates
  • Application inbox
  • Branded career sites and job listings

You can use these features to move seamlessly through the candidate hiring process. The Recruitee Launch ATS also makes connecting with human resource systems, like background checks and assessments, easy.

Meanwhile, the ATS’s “Scale” package allows you to unlock advanced features related to automation. With this option, you can schedule or perform automated tasks. For instance, you can send a pre-configured email when you’re ready to move a job applicant into your startup’s screening phase.

The Recruitee Scale app additionally allows you to create prompts and reminders for your startup team. This will help to ensure that you keep tabs on your candidate pipeline.

At this Recruitee level, you can also create a standardized questionnaire or evaluation form. This assists you in solidifying your startup’s hiring workflow.

Finally, you can take advantage of the “Lead’ package. This package provides customization options and application programming interface access.

As a whole, this software can come in handy if you’re seeking something capable of growing with your startup. In addition, it might be a viable option for connecting several platforms to create the ideal in-house software solution.


Freshteam is another helpful option if you’re looking for an ATS as well as a general human resource suite.

This software is unique in that it’s designed to parse applications to develop a detailed profile of a candidate according to the information provided. This can come in handy for quickly screening resumes to identify the best job applicants at a single glance.

The application also offers several features for managing and onboarding employees after you’ve made a hiring decision. In addition, it comes with a consolidated job application inbox and integrated candidate communications.

Finally, this software integrates with screening tools and assessments, such as Google and Skype. This is perfect for setting up a video interview and taking advantage of social profiles and job boards.

The challenge with this ATS is that the user interface isn’t very intuitive. In addition, the client support you’ll receive with this ATS may not be as stellar as you would expect it to be.

However, this application might work for you if you’re seeking a quick and easy solution but still may be interested in using the software as your ATS or human resource suite long term.

In addition, this application is free for any startup with no more than 50 employees if you’re okay with having limited functionality.

Top Echelon Software

Finally, Top Echelon ATS may be the perfect option for your startup due to its wide range of attractive and popular features.

For instance, this leading software’s applicant tracking feature is designed to save you time and help you to stay organized when managing candidates. You can communicate with your candidates through the software and make timely and informed decisions regarding them. In this way, you can fill positions more efficiently and choose the best-fitting candidates.

This application is also ideal for managing your job postings. For instance, you can track your open job roles by seeing what’s been done and what needs to be done next.

This software also makes it easy to track events, emails, and calls as you complete your startup’s recruiting stages. You’ll receive insights into your engagement, which will help with keeping your candidate pipeline moving.

This software is also a winner among today’s ATS options because its automated candidate data entry capability allows you to prioritize the applicants’ resume details that matter the most to you.

For instance, you can break down candidates’ resumes using this software’s highly accurate and fast resume parsing engine. It ranks among the world’s best parsing engines.

The ATS will furthermore allow you to customize your records so that they can fit your startup’s recruiting process. For instance, you can create custom fields to keep track of open positions, companies, and candidates.

This ATS even comes with a free 15-day trial. You may also request a demonstration of this ATS.

How We Can Help You to Secure the Best ATS

Some of the best ATS options for startups in 2023 range from Breezy HR to ViVAHR and even Recruitee software options. However, the best ATS to consider for your startup is Top Echelon ATS.

Our ATS at Top Echelon is the perfect option for streamlining your startup’s recruiting pipeline. With our system, you can easily fill open roles and monitor promising talent.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our ATS, and try it out for free today!

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