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3 Video Interviewing Tools Recruiters Might Not Know About

by | Feb 3, 2012 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

For what seems like the longest time, video interviewing has been touted as the “next big thing” in the world of hiring, for both companies and recruiters.

Despite its being a popular online recruitment tool, video interviewing hasn’t really taken the world by storm, for whatever reason.  That doesn’t mean it still won’t eventually become the rule, as opposed to the exception—but we haven’t reached that point yet.

Still, companies (and recruiters) are looking for ways to do things more quickly, more easily, and with better results, and that includes the interview process.  (Actually, it might especially include the interview process, which can tend to bog down if let to its own devices.)

Recently, Inc. magazine published an interesting article regarding video interviewing.  The title of the article is “3 Tools for Conducting Video Interviews,” and it looks at three new tools available in the world of video interviewing.

The three tools included in the Inc. article are as follows (you can also click on the link to visit each tool’s website):

The magazine reviewed each one of these tools, addressing the pros and cons and also listing the cost involved with using them.

Click here to read the Inc. article reviewing these three tools.

Have you used any of these tools?  Have you utilized video interviews in any of your searches?  Do any of your clients use video interviewing?

Do you think that video interviews are still the “next big thing”?  Do you think they’ve already arrived… or that their time is past?

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