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6 Tools and Tips to Help Build Your Candidate Pool

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

To quickly fill job orders, you need to keep your recruiting software stocked with relevant and interested candidates. These candidates make up your talent pool.

Many recruiters are reactionary. They only search for candidates once they have a job order to fill. But, being reactionary means you likely have a tiny candidate pool to pull from. If you don’t have many potential candidates in your pool, it will take you longer to fill job orders.

Being proactive and growing your candidate pool ensures you have a constant flow of candidates to meet client demands. You can predict who you need in your pool based on trends and forecasts.

Ways to grow your candidate pool

How can you take your pool of candidates from a puddle to a pond? Use the following sources for your talent pool development.

Social media

In 2017, 81% of the U.S. population had a social media profile. So, if you want to find a lot of potential candidates, try recruiting through social media.

LinkedIn is an obvious choice for recruiting. But you can also try Facebook, Twitter, and smaller niche sites. People often list their work and educational backgrounds on their profiles. And, they’ll often post about their interests and professions.

You can seek out passive candidates on social media. You might also try to draw job seekers in by posting engaging content on your social profiles.

Recruiter website

You can use your recruiting website to attract candidates.

If you use recruiting SEO, you can optimize your website so it is easier for people to find. When potential candidates search for job openings, your website will ideally show up in the search results. You can use keywords to target specific locations and industries. Put your contact information on the site so candidates can get in contact with you. You might also offer an email newsletter they can sign up for.

If your recruiting software is integrated with your website job board, you can easily publish job openings. Job seekers can fill out an application on your site, and their resume will automatically be uploaded into your software.

Groups and associations

You might be able to build your candidate pool by joining groups and recruiter associations. You can join groups based on the types of candidates you search for. For example, if you specialize in healthcare recruiting, you might join health industry groups.

You can join something as simple as a LinkedIn group. These groups tend to be organized around a profession or interest. It is often easy to enter these groups.

Trade groups and associations are filled with quality candidates. However, these groups might be more difficult to gain access to. You might need to apply and pay dues.

Previous applicants

Maintaining contact with previous applicants is an easy talent pool management strategy.

Don’t let an applicant lose interest and fall off your list. Regularly reach out to keep the lead warm. You have their phone number and email in your applicant tracking system, so maintaining contact isn’t difficult.

You might send emails announcing new job openings. You can also send job search tips to help make yourself a trusted expert. You might call previous applicants to ask them if they are still job searching and what types of jobs they are interested in.

Previous employees

Try searching for a client’s previous employees. You might have to look on LinkedIn or Google search resumes to find people.

You can add a client’s previous employees to your talent pool to fill job orders at companies similar to your client’s. For example, if one client is in the agricultural industry, you might recruit their past employees to fill jobs for another client in the agricultural industry.

You might also be able to place candidates at a previous employer. Some people are not opposed to returning to work for a previous employer after some time has passed. So, be sure to look at your client’s past employees when recruiting.


Candidate referrals can expand your candidate pool. Your candidates probably have friends or family members who are looking for a job. Or, they might have a past co-worker who they highly recommend. You just have to ask for a name and perhaps one piece of contact information.

When you get a referral, add them to your recruiting software. Reach out to introduce yourself. When you do, mention how you got their name to increase your trustworthiness. Tell the person what you can do for them and mention any job openings they might be interested in.


You shouldn’t rule someone out just because they are retired. Retirees are great for contract staffing. They might want to occasionally work to earn extra money. And, they come with years of industry experience that younger employees don’t have.

You can place retirees in short-term contract positions. After the contract is over, the candidate can stop working or take on another contract placement. You can leave retirees in your pool and check back with them later about other contract placements.

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