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Crazy Recruiting Story: the Boa Constrictor Interview

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Top Echelon Blog

As we mentioned last month, we’re looking for your craziest recruiting story!

Of course, the first one that we published for public consumption was a real doozie . . . and we’re back with another “tale of recruiting woe.”

A story to take your breath away . . .

Down through the years, we’ve been surprised by how many crazy recruiting stories deal with animals in one way or another, and the story below is a prime example. This story was told to us by a Top Echelon Network recruiter a few years ago, and we’re dusting it off for your entertainment and professional edification.

If you’re afraid of snakes, you might find this story to be as unsettling as it is “crazy.” Enjoy!

— — —

“My client was a very large telecom company in need of an excellent software developer. Many recruiting calls were made, and I felt that I found the perfect candidate. He answered all of the ‘test’ questions very well, was available, and had wonderful references from his past three positions. He admitted he was shy in a crowd, loved animals, was an excellent marksman, and had hockey tickets to the [Colorado] Avalanche pro hockey team. He even offered to take me to their next game. He also mentioned that he suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome. According to him, the effect was that he was very very good at discussing one topic at a time with people, but if he was in a crowd of people and had to jump from conversation to conversation, it was incredibly difficult for him.

“Though his comment about being awkward in a crowd gave me pause, I did not feel it would be a problem, since the position would be dealing with people over the phone and not face-to-face. I felt the position would fit him well and introduced his credentials to the client. They loved his background and immediately asked me to set up a face-to-face interview for the very next day. The candidate was kind enough to call me from his cell phone, saying he was en route to the interview and was on schedule to arrive about five minutes before the appointed time. Thoughts of invoicing the client before the end of the day entered my mind as I commenced making my routine phone calls.

“About five minutes before the interview was to begin, and right in the midst of a rather in-depth marketing call, up pops an instant message on my computer from the guy who had recommended our firm for the search. All it said was, “What’s up with the freaking snake around his neck?” As you can imagine, my attention was diverted to this issue, and I called my contact immediately. It turns out that the candidate loved animals so much that he took his pet boa constrictor most everywhere—even to a job interview. To make a long story short, he cleared out an entire floor of workers as he entered the building. I did NOT get the placement. The upside is that two days later, the candidate called as if nothing was wrong and asked if we were still on for the hockey game.”

— — —

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