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Polling Recruiters About Their Clients’ Use of Video Interviewing

by | Feb 13, 2016 | Top Echelon Blog

There’s no doubt that video interviewing has become more a part of the world of employment and the recruiting industry in recent years. But how much more a part of it?

Of course, the number that will answer this question the best is another question: how many companies are utilizing video interviews in their quest to fill their open positions?

And on the heels of that question is this one: are more companies using video interviews now than were previously?

Luckily, we have access to this type of information in the form of the Member recruiters of Top Echelon Network. With such a resource at our disposal, we decided to conduct a poll, as we often do in these situations.

We presented our poll by posing the following question:

Are your clients using video interviewing more?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters who selected each one:

  • Yes, they’re using it much more. — 4.7%
  • Yes, they’re using it a little more. — 24.5%
  • No, they’re using it about the same. — 23.6%
  • No, they’re using it a little less. — 0.9%
  • No, they’re using it much less. — 6.6%
  • None of my clients use video interviewing. — 39.6%


Over a third of recruiters (39.6%) stated that none of their clients use video interviewing. In addition, of those recruiters whose clients are using video interviewing, only 4.7% indicated that they’re using it “much more” and 24.5% indicated that they’re using it “a little more.”

A little over 23% chose “No, they’re using it about the same” as their answer, and 0.9% chose “No, they’re using it a little less.” The final choice was “No, they’re using it much less,” and 6.6% of recruiters selected that option.

Analysis and Conclusion:

Like text messaging, video interviewing is being used more than in the past. However, it’s not as if every company within every industry is using it to interview candidates. After all, it makes sense that it would be more commonplace in an industry like Information Technology than it would be in an industry such as Manufacturing. (Although some Manufacturing companies absolutely use video interviewing.)

It all comes down to personal preference. Not only that, there’s just something about meeting somebody face-to-face. Before a company is going to make a huge investment in a person as an employee, that company’s hiring managers want to meet them in person. They want to feel good about the decision and they want to be 100% sure about it. A video interview is NOT likely to provide that assurance.

Do any of YOUR clients utilize video interviews? If so, are they using them more frequently? Is this a harbinger of things to come? Will all companies use video interviews one day?

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