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How About War Paint for Your Formal Interview?

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Top Echelon Blog

It’s time for next installment of crazy recruiting stories!

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It’s amazing how many crazy things happen before, during, or after the face-to-face formal interview. In fact, we’re set to spin another tale (with the help of a Network recruiter) that revolves around the interview. It also deals with a “wardrobe malfunction” . . . of a completely different kind.

— — —

When I was a HR manager with a division of a control engineering company in Michigan, I had advertised for an engineer with a B.S. degree and mechanical engineering and metals design experience.

A guy walks into the lobby, and I get a call from the receptionist. She says, “Sir, you need to come to the lobby. Your engineering candidate is here.” I told her to just send him back to my office. She replies, in a whispered voice, “No, I think you need to come to the lobby first.”

Somewhat agitated, I walk out to the lobby and there stands a tall Indian, dressed in a full Indian outfit, with large feathers, moccasins, and war paint on his face! Wow! I looked at him for a moment and said, “You’re not dressed appropriately for a professional interview and will need to re-schedule and come back later.”

He hands me a card and says, “You’ll be hearing from my attorney.” (I knew I was being set up.) I handed him a corporate business card and said, “Just send it to my corporate attorney, and for what it’s worth, if we get sued, you get counter-sued.”

He left, and I never heard anymore about it. Whew!

— — —

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