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How to Know When a Candidate Will Derail a Search

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

The current market is a candidate-driven marketplace. As a result, candidates are more difficult to attract and place during your search.

It’s important for you not to assume that more money is the reason candidates will accept a job offer. Money always plays a role when someone is changing jobs, but it is not necessarily the top priority.

It’s vital for you to uncover the real reason your candidates have given you their resume. Have you ever heard, “You called me, I wasn’t looking!”?

If the truth be known, this person has thought about a job change and some have been quitting for months, even years . . . but they didn’t know where to start. They realize you have access to opportunities, and as a result, they sent you their resume. In fact, current job satisfaction is at one of the lowest levels in history. Candidates are just waiting for your call.

A crucial question for your search

If you want to know the real reason someone is contemplating a change, ask them the following question: “If you could change five things about your current position (if you were your boss), what changes would you make?”

The answers to this question provide you with the information you need to close this candidate throughout the placement process. They will address issues that can’t be solved by more money or their next promotion.

You will hear answers that include the following:

  • “My company needs to update technology.”
  • “Management needs to communicate more effectively.”
  • “We are understaffed and they’re still cutting back.”
  • “I’ll never get promoted over a family member.”

If the only changes are money and advancement, you need to walk away from the search. This person will accept a counter-offer.

Suggest they go back and ask for a raise vs. jeopardizing their future by being perceived as non-loyal by their current employer when they find out this person was interviewing. If they do not obtain their next promotion or raise, you can now confidentially represent this individual. With a refined candidate sourcing strategy, you’ll need an applicant tracking system for recruiters that can handle your new contacts.

In my next blog post, I’ll discuss some additional things that motivate employees to leave their current company and what you can do to place these candidates where they’d rather be.

Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS is a guest writer for the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog. You can hire her for your next conference or event or for in-house training. Barb’s training techniques have guided thousands to a higher level of sales and profits. She is best known for her methodical, easy-to-implement strategies that she shares with her audiences. Her enthusiasm is contagious! If you would like to hire Barb, please call 219.663.9609, email, or visit Good as Gold Training online.

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