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Global Report Praises Big Biller Recruitment Agency Software

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Top Echelon Blog

Big Biller, one of the leading recruitment agency software packages in the industry, recently received praise and recognition in a global report.

The Global Staffing Agency Software Market recognized Big Biller in its “2019 Global Outlook to 2025” market research report.

Big Biller: “dominant market player”

The report listed Big Biller as one of eight recruiting agency software packages that it described as “dominant market player” within the industry. As a “dominant market player,” Big Biller joins the other packages mentioned as holding the majority of share of the market.

According to the Staffing Agency Software Market, this report:

  • Helps users in analyzing and predicting the market at the global level, as well as the local level
  • Presents potential opportunities in the market
  • Highlights the impact of various factors on the market
  • Summarizes the key players dominating the market (including the Big Biller recruitment agency software)
  • Analyzes different market segments and presents estimated market conditions

Click here for more information regarding the Staffing Agency Software Market and its “2019 Global Outlook to 2025” market research report.

Recruitment agency software: applicant tracking

One of the reasons that the Big Biller recruitment agency software is a “dominant market player” is that it offers both applicant tracking and CRM functionality. In terms of applicant tracking, speed is king. What does that mean? It means speed is crucial in the recruiting and hiring process. The recruiter who can submit the right candidate the quickest is the one that’s typically rewarded with a big, fat placement check.

That’s an advantage of the Big Biller recruiting agency software. It’s an online software, a browser-based package that does not require any downloads on installations on your computer. As a result, you can have the software up and running in no time. (And it goes without saying that you can also access a mobile version of the software on your smartphone or other wireless device.)

Another advantage of the Big Biller recruiter agency software is free technical support and training. This also helps users operate at maximum efficiency on their recruiting desks. Recruiters in need of tech support do not have to “create a ticket” to have their questions answered. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a recruiting software before or if you’re switching from another package. The Big Biller support and training team will guide you every step of the way through the process.

So what does the applicant tracking portion of Big Biller’s recruitment agency software entail? I’m glad you asked!

When it comes to applicant tracking, you want to manage candidates all the way through the placement process, with not a single candidate “falling through the cracks.” This includes tracking information such as background, work history, communication, and other activities. Basically, it’s a two-step process. First, you need to get your information into the database. Second, you need to be able to access that information quickly and easily so you can do something with it.

Below are three ways that Big Biller helps recruiters get their information into the database:

  1. Spreadsheet imports via the Contact Importer
  2. Effortless and fast resume parsing
  3. Email parsing of resumes

Below are just three of the many ways that Big Biller helps recruiters access their information so they can do something with it.

  1. Powerful search capability
  2. Pinpoint find functionality
  3. Quick and easy email marketing engine

The applicant tracking portion of the Big Biller recruiting agency software is all about speed. Because as any recruiter knows, time kills all deals!

Recruiting agency software: CRM

It’s no secret that it’s currently a candidates’ market. Qualified candidates are difficult to find in most major industries and disciplines. (Heck, not only can employers not find the, but recruiters are having trouble finding them, too.) So it only makes sense that most software packages have an applicant tracking component. A recruiter absolutely has to parse resumes and store important information regarding the candidates that they source.

However, for the best recruitment agency software packages, applicant tracking alone is not enough. They must be able to manage both the candidate side and the client side of the placement process. Long-term recruiting success is all about repeat business. Specifically, it’s about continually receiving job orders from clients and placing candidates in those job orders.

That’s why it’s important to establish and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with a CRM recruiting software like Big Biller. For a recruiter, CRM can stand for both Client Relationship Management and Candidate Relationship Management. That’s because both are important.

If your software doesn’t help you find candidates and nurture relationships with them, then your pipeline of talent could eventually dry up. Conversely, if your software doesn’t help you to facilitate effective communication with your clients to nurture long-term relationships, then those job orders might eventually dry up, as well.

So what does the CRM of Big Biller’s recruitment agency software entail? Once again, I’m glad you asked! With Big Biller’s CRM, you can stay in contact with candidates and clients easily, quickly, and effectively through the following functionality:

  • Scheduling phone calls, emails, interviews, and more
  • Email marketing
  • Logging of activities and communication
  • Posting job orders on your agency’s website to source more candidates
  • Business development strategies to acquire new clients (and more job orders)

The CRM component of the Big Biller recruiting agency software is all about repeat business. Because repeat business is how you sustain long-term success in the recruiting profession.

Agency software of choice for recruiters

The Big Biller recruiting agency software makes everybody happy. It goes without saying that your clients will be happy that you can present highly qualified and targeted candidates in an expedited fashion. On the other hand, candidates will be happy with the experience that you provide to them, mainly value in the form of new employment opportunities, consistent communication, and timely feedback.

The best recruitment agency software packages are also affordable. After all, there’s no reason to “break the bank” in your ongoing quest to track and manage candidates and maintain relationships with both candidates and clients. Big Biller is just $59.50 per month per user for those recruiting agencies that opt for the annual plan, which requires a one-year commitment to the software. (The price for the monthly plan is $70 per month per user.)

Right now, you can use the Big Biller recruitment agency software FREE for 15 days! Just click the link below to start your 15-day trial of the software. (Note: This is the FULL version of the software, and NO credit card is required to start your trial.)

Start my FREE trial of Big Biller!

You can see why the Global Staffing Agency Software Market recognized Big Biller and expects the software to be a “dominant market player” for at least the next six years. Sign up for your free trial of the software today and see how Big Biller can make YOUR life easier!

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