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Recruitment Technology and Industry Trends

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Top Echelon Blog

Getting the most out of the recruitment tools you use is an important part of recruiting. Industry trends and the technology tools that support them help you grow your recruiting firm. You need to understand how to use current recruitment technology.

Recruitment technology trends

As a recruiter, knowing recruitment technology trends will help you source top talent. Here are five recruiting technology trends to consider.

Trend #1: Making data-based decisions

Now more than ever, recruiters use data to make decisions, rather than relying on stagnant methods and intuition. Data is a valuable tool when mapping out your next move in recruiting. Instead of “going with your gut,” use information to predict candidate behavior.

There are several key recruiting metrics you should keep track of. For example, time to fill shows the average number of days it takes to place a candidate. The faster you successfully match candidates, the more job orders you can fill.

You will want to know the response rate of your marketing and communication efforts. Look at your outreach strategies and how often candidates respond. Also, monitor passive and active candidates, sources of placements, and sendouts (candidates who are interviewed) per hire with technology in recruitment. The data you collect will help you make decisions.

Recruitment technology to use

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that organizes recruiting data. The software allows you to import spreadsheets and organize email lists. You can separate candidates, clients, and job orders by category. And, you can parse resumes and emails to import information into a uniform format by using technology in the recruitment and selection process.

Trend #2: Knowing where to source candidates

Focus your recruiting strategy by understanding where candidates come from. By knowing which sources lead to new hires, you can divide your time more efficiently. For example, if most placements are sourced from LinkedIn, spend more time recruiting there.

Knowing where you source candidates shows you the talent population. Using technology in recruitment and selection process steps can help you break down your best sources of acquisition. Once you know which sources produce talent, use targeted advertising to attract candidates.

Recruitment technology to use

A candidate relationship management (CRM) tool streamlines processes and data. Use a recruiting CRM to log notes about sourcing networks and candidates. You can also import data, send marketing emails, and schedule activities. A candidate relationship management system organizes your recruiter pipeline so you can track where candidates come from.

Trend #3: Saving time with automation

If you’re not automating processes, you’re falling behind on recruiting trends. Automation saves time so you can focus your energy on placing candidates. As the use of technology in recruitment becomes more intuitive, you spend less time on administrative tasks.

Use automation to parse resumes, sort candidates, and manage clients. Automate parts of your marketing efforts and email strategies. Use automated software applications to handle job postings and new candidates.

Recruitment technology to use

Job board integration is a software feature that lets you manage job postings on your website through your CRM. You can post job orders, receive resumes, and share jobs on social networks.

Trend #4: Marketing on social media

In recruiting, marketing is a big deal. You need to create an attractive employer brand to source great candidates. Social media is a valuable marketing tool that encourages engagement.

Candidates want a personal experience when it comes to job searching. If a candidate doesn’t feel connected to you or your client, it’s likely they will not be interested in the job. Participating in online conversations puts you in front of talent. Engaging helps you form relationships that lead to successful placements.

Recruiting technology to use

Use social media accounts to connect with and attract candidates. Popular social media sites include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can find talent with specific skills and niche interests by joining groups. Share relevant information, announce job openings, and interact with candidates as part of your social media recruitment strategy.

Trend #5: Improving the candidate experience

The candidate experience is the way a job seeker perceives how they are treated. You need to provide a positive candidate experience at every stage of the recruiting process. Make technology work for you by improving the candidate experience and engaging with qualified applicants.

The use of technology in recruitment and selection will help you know what job seekers want. Look at industry trends like preferred methods of communication, salary expectations, and high-demand jobs. Apply the information you find to your recruiting efforts.

Recruiting technology to use

Set up Google or Yahoo Alerts on your phone or computer to receive related news and industry trends. Alerts keep you up-to-date on market trends so you can learn what job hunters are looking for. You can use the information to stay current and connect with candidates.

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