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‘The 2010 Five-Step Passive Client Development System’

by | Mar 24, 2010 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

“The 2010 Five-Step Passive Client Development System”

Presenter: Doug Beabout, CPC

This recession is like the visitors that never leave. They keep emptying the pantry and ordering pay-per-view while you sleep. Everyone asks, “What can I do?”

You know exactly what you must do to thrive: market, recruit, and make placements! You know that when hiring is scarce or fees are being attacked, you must radically increase the number of clients who know you.

The real rub is that at a time when you must stay in positive and productive contact with two or three times the number of clients, you simply cannot find the time to do it.

Now you have found a way to create the time to radically increase the number of hiring companies on your client list, while seizing the added time to focus on those who want you NOW!


  • How to initiate a practical and popular program with key client contacts
  • The steps involved in attracting and keeping a client’s focus upon your value
  • A system that becomes rapidly viral in acquiring the serious interest of new clients
  • The development of a self-propelled, passive client development system that places you far beyond the competition
  • You will sustain your ability to triple the number of companies with whom you will make placements.

In this 60-minute session sponsored by Top Echelon’s recruiting software, Doug Beabout will lead you through this powerful and practical process. He will show you each step in a common-sense manner and be open to your questions.

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